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  • In need of help!

    Hi everyone Here is the story:
    I went on a spree today with only £23, i went to Dunelm, and two other smaller outlets of fabric! But i couldnt find a cheap sturdyish fabric for tote bags, i found some lovely bits of fabric but they just werent thick enough according to my mum. The other stuff with lovely patterns was upto £18.99 per meter with only a small width!
    I ended up getting no fabric, but being swade and tempted i bought a video game... i know i know i just got fed up with searching for something that i couldnt find! So i came home with only £2!!! But fear not on tuesday i will be getting £18 enough for a little spree! I am now looking for a supplier of fabric,cheap and decent quality! It can be online as i am not bothered how long i will have to wait! Oh and if i was being silly about the thickness of material and it doesnt matter how thick, for a simple tote bag please say as then i can go on another search with that in mind!

    Phew a long post!

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    Hope this helps. I have used them twice now for fabrics and they are really quick to delivery.

    Hope this helps if not someone else will be along soon.



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      Can't be of help here, but the website Rodeo Lady suggested looks very good!


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        I've made bags using lightweight fabrics (just because I've loved the design) but then I've used a heavier weight fabric for the lining. I also use iron on interfacing, for lightweight fabrics. It's seemed to work, so far.

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          Oh dear........what sort of fabric were you looking for to make your bag????

          Denim is a good start because you can embellish it with whatever you want.

          Let me know what you`re looking for and then I`m sure I can add to the list if suggested outlets!



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            Denim, Cord or any canvas type curtain fabric would do the job on it's own.
            If you use a lighter fabric make a calico inner for strength, then the lighter outer fabric is more for decoration. You could use calico to make bags and embellsih them with buttons, beads, sequins or paint it with fabric paints.

            The other alternative (with only £2 to spend) is visit the charity shop and buy an old pair of trouser or better a skirt and make a patchwork bag.


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              i made my grandaughter a simple bag using an old pair of thick cotton curtains you can pick up curtains incharity shops and boot sales good big bits of material
              Jan xx



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                Ikea are really good for fabric. You can look online


                but you have to buy in store. The fabric is really thick, brightly coloured patterns and very cheap, some at just £1.50 meter.

                Hope that helps.
                Sarah x

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