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Please help...Paper Tearing

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  • Please help...Paper Tearing

    Hi there,

    I plan to make the Birthday card for my husband, then I found the paper tearing that is very interesting... I may tear any shape from the handmade paper for example : the heart shape, the flowers or may be the bear shape to decorate on the card.

    Please advise how I can easily tear the handmade paper which have the rough texture.

    Please help me...

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    Paper tearing.

    I suppose it depends how rough the paper is but you could try this. Cut your shape out larger than you need then slightly dampen the edges of the shape and carefully pull the ends out between fingure and thumbto make it look torn. I am no expert but I hope this helps. Try it on scrap first as I would hate to be responible for ruining your hubby's card!! Love Sue.


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      The only tip I could maybe add to that is to tear in small sections at a time to keep your shape

      Oh and the "white edge or not" tip? Some papers will show a white edge if you tear it towards you, so if you dont want the white edge, tear it the other way up

      (Sorry I'm not describing that very well, it doesnt even sound right to me but give it a test run on some small pieces)

      Shaz x
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        The tip I use is to use a thin paint brush and paint on the paper with plain water where you want to tear and it should tear nicely where you have painted.


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          I think paint brush and water can assist my project... I will try and hope to get the lovely shape for my husband card.

          Big Thanks for your help!!!