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Argos card blanks

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  • Argos card blanks

    Has anyone ever used them? Are they any good? Decent quality or should I not bother?
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    no idea, but maybe you should get some and let us all know,if no one has tried them. If no good, let the kids use the to muck about with.


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      Nope never used them either. That's the problem with Argos - its difficult to fondle the product before purchase!
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        Originally posted by indri View Post
        its difficult to fondle the product before purchase!
        HA HA!!! LOL!!! sorry - I really should control myself - just ROTFL thinking how you must have a real scream when you go on dates - mind you I bet you got snapped up??!!


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          sorry but i've never tried them. What make are they? does it give a gsm in the description? if it does i would say anything above 270gsm is a good weight for a card blank
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            I've tried them, nothing wrong with them that I can tell, although I'm no card making expert!
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              I tried answering this earlier when at work but dammed puter went daft (seems to be still wobbling from yesterday) so not impressed

              Anyway, I nearly got some of the Christmassy ones at Christmas but didn't in the end as The Range had some good offers on and I also like to fondle before I buy!!

              How much are they? If you think they'd be ok go for it or you can let the girls dabble! Or, if they are a little naff, you can always double them up or add another layer of card on the front and back thus creating a panel effect (as seen on a recent 'thing' of mine hehehehe!) and making it more sturdy.

              But, if you choose and do decide to go with Argos, let us know - product review please!!!!


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                Not sure if its the same ones as i got once but i took mine back couldnt use then very thin and just nasty

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                  I thought they were nasty, thin, flimsy and not possible to put anything 3d on the front as they fall over.
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                    Re card blanks, I would have to say that at the mo I use Liz's crafts and the Range.
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                      Thanks - it's for a friend so I'll point her in the direction of this thread!
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                        I have not bought blanks from Argos either. I use craft creations for mine, have also used Liz's crafts? think thats right........not tried the other supplier sorry.