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  • hi

    i am new to the site and im also new to making cards.. not sure whats the best cards to make and wanted to make something a little different.. any ideas are welcome to help me get started on my new card making hobby..

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    Hello and welcome to the forum and cardmaking. If you are looking for different card shapes and designs to make why not check out pinterest and Youtube for ideas you could also borrow books from the library.


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      to the forum. I'm also a cardmaker, and I get lots of inspiration from pinterest and card making magazines (although these can be expensive)
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        Originally posted by alicopie View Post
        i am new to the site and im also new to making cards.. not sure whats the best cards to make and wanted to make something a little different.. any ideas are welcome to help me get started on my new card making hobby..
        Hello and welcome to the forum... and to the highly addictive world of card making...

        There really is no such thing as the best cards to make... A lot will depend on your preferred style, as well as your skill level/time available and what equipment/materials you have or can invest in. There are millions of options out there and some are easier than others. I would not recommend investing in too much equipment until you are sure this is for you...

        Possibly the easiest way to go about it is to take a look on the web and see the kinds of cards you like and would like to try - then you can find out/ask questions about how to make them. Of course your own ideas might be even better and if you know what you want to achieve but aren't sure how to do it, just ask...I am pretty sure at least one of the many card makers on here will be able to help.

        Have fun...


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          Just let your imagination run riot. There are so many materials, designs, styles etc that you can latch on to and really tweak into tour own. I personally only have one style hence my forum name but a lot of people on here each use many different styles and different ways of producing cards. It really is trial and error but also worthwhile trying to get yourself a "Niche" style that only you use. Apart from that I would agree with the gals above. Pinterest, Google images and card mags are excellent reference points for ideas.



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            thank you to everyone.. was also wondering if the die cutter machines are worth investing in and what do people think of the cd roms you can buy.. i would realy like to be able to print designs out and colour them in myself with water colours..



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              I have various CD roms that I use images from, just look at the terms and conditions that cover the use of the images. Usually you credit the supplier of the images when you post on sites etc, some do not allow images to be put on social media sites like twitface etc, some only allow you to produce and sell so many per year, some do not allow you to resell with their images etc, so you need to check. Never seen any CD's with images that you colour yourself though?



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                Hi Alison,

                I used to make cards all the time and am only just getting back in to it so I am not the best authority. If you want images you can colour in then there are thousands of digi stamp sites out there where you can download individual images to colour. If you are set on having a cd rom then If I remember rightly Crafters Companion and Joanna Sheen have some.

                AS for a die cutting machine, like Christa mentioned above, perhaps find out if cardmaking is for you first as they are expensive and take up a little bit of space. I have both a Cricut and a Cuttlebug. I love my cuttlebug but never use my cricut and am still kicking myself for buying it! I will make a special effort to use it from now on i think.

                If you have a craft shop near you then have a look what lessons and demonstrations they are hosting and go along. If you don't then Create and Craft TV are always doing demonstrations and are worth a watch, I'm sorry but I can't remember the channel number but a quick search on google should tell you. I would shop around though if you see anything you like as they don't always have the best deals.

                Hope this helps



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                  Hello. As already suggested, I would suggest buying some basic tools and try out the hobby. My card making style has changed from minimalistic and modern to vintage and grunge over thirteen years. Its hard to advise if we don't know your taste. I love collage/mixed media cards but my cards are not to everyones taste.

                  I only problem I find with colouring in images is getting papers to 'match'. I'm also rubbish with colouring but I do some nice colouring and 'painting' with the same ink pads I stamp with. CDs can be okay if you have a good quality printer and good quality paper.

                  It took me years to build up my stash so start slowly and buy a small selection of items you can mix and match.


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                    welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find loads of ideas here