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  • card verse software..

    My first post here...
    Ive been into crafts and card making for some time now and for years have been using verse creator for my verses.
    Now im moving into the trendy world of windows vista i was wondering what others use for doing their verses..
    I know some use windows office and mail mege and there are a few programmes about but im at a loss of what to give a try.
    Any suggestions.


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    I created a Word document for different size cards, took a bit of jiggling but onece the text boxes were sorted its just type and print.
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      I've just moved from an older Windows XP puter to a new Vista one and was amazed (technically a bit naive?!) to find Word wasnt installed on the new PC. Is that a similar problem to yours Christine? Now you have Vista, you no longer have Word?

      I'm just wondering if I need to download a trial version of Word and/or resort to buying it all over again - seems a bit of a rip off when you already had it on your XP system though?!

      Shaz x
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        Hi Shaz

        Yes thats exactly what i had happen, i used to use some card verse software but always had word and mail merge to help..

        when i went to vista i couldnt use the same software as it wouldnt go in and my trusty mailmerge and word i was used to using had gone.. :-(

        i make lots of cards either with kids or at home so i was in a bit of a muddle and in the end had to install office 2007.. its a big programme with loads of features (when you get hang of it that is).

        as i make over 20 cards a day i was really after suggestions of good programmes that i could use on vista..

        thanks shaz and kay


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          Hi I use Greeting Card Factory version 5 for all my verses, it works with vista on my computer, has lots of great images on it to!


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            You talking about Microsoft Works or Microsoft Office, because both packages are sold separately when buying your computer. Sometimes you can be lucky and Microsoft Works is pre installed on an XP computer as a bundle package. When i had my XP pc i had Microsoft Works thrown in with it with the CD.

            Av xx
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