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    Hi Guys

    I hope that someone can help, im after buying a die cutting machine, but have not got a clue which one to buy, there are so many out there please could someone help me find the right one.

    Any ideas would be really helpful.

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    Hello Nicola,
    I bought my die cutting machine so many years ago that it was pretty much the only one around (Sixxix Original) now there are so many choices I can understand your dilemma. My only suggestion would be to go into your craft store and ask them to demo the different ones.. they are all so expensive it's important that you buy one that gives you everything that you want. When thinking about what you buy also take into consideration what you use for the actual cutting, be it dies or cartridges (if you are considering one of the new fancy electronic cutters like cricut or such like) and how much each of them costs as it's not only the machine but what you use in them you need to think of concerning cost. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide.
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      I have the cuttlebug and i love it to bits. I use it more for embossing than die cutting but it does both great. It takes different make dies to so you are not limited to cuttlebug ones.
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        Ok Fess up time LOL, I have
        red sizzix
        big shot
        and some other weird turny handle one

        I love my cricut, the cartridges are so versatile and you can cut in lots of different sizes.
        Cuttlebug is great for embossing
        Red Sizzix is great, stury but hard on the arms
        big shot is all round good.
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          I got a bigshot(sizzix) for christmas and love it. My mum has a quickutz revolution and she loves it.There doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the two except prices:there seems to be a big difference in prices between the machines and sizzix dies seem to be cheaper than the quickutz ones.

          I looked at some of the computer based ones and although they look really good I couldn't justify the price of them and the cartridges for the amount of cards I make.

          As I have a bad back I would say the roller type machines are easier than the squeeze handle ones to use.

          By the looks of it whatever roller machine you buy you can use the other machines dies in it. I've used quickutz(got to buy adapters for this to work in bigshot but can get these really cheap) and cuttlebug ones and had no problems.

          I guess it comes down to what your budget is and like what the others have said what you want to use it for. the bigshot and revolution cut a variety of things -paper,card,felt and chipboard{not used this personally so not sure about it}

          Hope this helps and no matter what Happy shopping


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            My mum has a Big Shot and she loves it, she lets me use it too!


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              Above all else I would suggest you try before you buy!!!

              You will be parting with a large amount of 'hard earned' so the least you can expect from a retailer is a demo and the chance to have a go yourself! I accept this wouldn't be so easy if you buy off the internet!!!

              I've seen at least one craft supplies retailer (high street) that will let you hire the machine for an hourly rate, to use on their premises ...I always thought that would be a good way of testing a machine out!

              Good luck with your decision.

              Fair Do

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                Sounds good

                It all sounds very interesting, I wouldn't know what to do with one but you are all making me interested!! What do they do, can someone tell me in 'easy terms'? Hubby will groan if I decide I like the sound of them!!! I could have an early Xmas pressy!!! Oh! 3rd wedding anniversary on 20th April. Good present? I might buy him one!! he he!! Sue xx