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I made a four fold pyramid card for my Grandson

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  • I made a four fold pyramid card for my Grandson

    I decorated each panel differently, greetings on the front, Past [ clipart of baby in layers] Present a photo of himself layered, with small ' 16's stencilled over the panel, and Future on the last panel, he wants to be a marine biologist so I used peeloffs of fish shells and dolphins, also used a peel off shark but inked over it lightly to create "sea" and removed the peel off shark!
    Now my problem is how to make the insert, do I just make it for the 2 centre panels. that would seem to be the best way as then it won't be too bulky when I fold it for posting.
    I also thought I would add blue ribbon, to match the edging decoration so he could tie it up and then it would stand up properly as at the moment it seems to collapse>

    any thoughts welcome. I have to post it by Thursday or Friday at latest cos it has to go to Atlanta!
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