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'Mum & Dad' stamp?

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  • 'Mum & Dad' stamp?

    Does anyone know where i can buy a 'Mum & Dad' stamp please? I don't mind if it's wooden, clear or unmounted! Can't find one anywhere! Thanks x

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    I haven't seen a mum & dad all in one stamp, but Kanban do a set that has mum, dad and many other family names included. You could maybe draw a fancy & inbetween?!? If you do happen to find one, please let me know as it would be very handy to have!!
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      What style are you after? I have a lot of alphabet stamps with the ampersand in. I either line the stamps up and stamp the word "and" or cut the stamped image out and stick them together if I don't want to use the ampersnd itself.

      The old set of relatives with the aampersand is by Magenta and is called family theme code CS-006, I've had it for a few years and don't have any more info on the packet. Stampin' up so a set but the Mum and Dad is in a different font. See D's do a lot of different alphabet stamps. Do some Googling or sarch ebay for Magenta. If you look close at the packets you should see the ampersand sign.

      Forgot to say....Magenta stamp says MOm but the 'o' is curly and open so I ink it with a pen so I can stamp it as Mum.
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        Not sure what style/font you are after but I have found this

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          you could try they do fantastic stamps, i use them for making all my welsh cards but they also make custom stamps, another alternative is to print the wording on computer (another thing i do a lot) you can pay around with fonts and sizing too - good luck
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            I wish I hadn't read this thread...curiosity made me follow the links...and spend money

            I've not seen a Mum & Dad all in one stamp in ages - so many of the sentiments are the build your phrase kind these days. I use the For my Family set from Stampin' Up! it has 24 stamps in a variety of fonts covering all the usual family titles plus friend, teacher, to my , in-law, grand, great, congratulations, happy birthday, Merry Christmas and of course the much needed & and pretty much covers the basics. For anything more specific or slightly unusual if I can't use alphabet stamps to make the wording I usually just print from word.

            Hope you find what you are looking for...