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how do I use my free stamps?

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  • how do I use my free stamps?


    I'm new here and really looking forward to learning a new craft - card making.

    I bought this month's 'cardmaking and papercraft' magazine hoping that I could get started. The mag came with a free stamp set. The thing is I have no idea how to use this.

    I have taken the plastic stamps out of the packaging and guessing that I have to put ink on it. But do I need to mount the stamps onto something first? They are quite fragile and I will make a real mess if I try to use my hands!

    HOping that someone will be kind enough to answer this newbie question

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    Can I assume they are just bendy rubber stamps.If so you need to buy acrylic blocks to stick them too, they should stick naturally, then ink them up and press evenly onto paper/project.Heres a link to acrylic blocks.Think about what size youl need.
    And also get a stamp cleaner which usually comes in a bottles with a sponge on the top which you useto wipe over the stamps to get the ink off.

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      Thanks Sea Horse!

      I had assumed, when buying the magazine, that I could just get started but it seems that there are various bits of kit that I could buy.

      Is there a thread on here for a newbie like me about what essential kit I could get to get started?

      Many thanks for taking the time to reply.


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        Hi Labra and welcome to the forum...ideally you need clear acrylic block to use the clear stamps but in the meantime if you have a pyrex dish lid this will work equally well as a stand in...its just a bit unwieldy.

        Don't throw out the plastic carrier sheet that the stamps came on, this is what you will store them on. Alternatively they will store easily in an empty cd case which will protect them from dust and damage.

        The easiest way to use the stamps is to place them face down on a clean surface. Put the acrylic block (or glass lid)on top of the stamp and press with even pressure. This should stick your stamp to its carrier.If it doesn't stick, wash it and try again.

        Then turn the block/lid over to the stamp is facing you and tap the ink pad all over the stamp gently until the stamp is covered by ink.This ensures even coverage and prevent flooding/clogging that can occur if you press the stamp into the ink pad.
        Take a clean piece of card and in a clean movement stamp onto the card making sure to lift the stamp cleanly. There is no need to press hard - this is likely to cause blurring. If you rock or move the stamp this will also cause blurring.

        The quality of the stamp, card and ink will greatly affect the end result. Unless you are using Stazon ink you should not need spe******t stamp cleaner and can simply wash your stamp with water, Cheap baby wipes are also great cleaners too.

        If your stamp is not stamping a clean image try washing it first and trying again. If that does not help try rubbing it lightly with a normal rubber eraser to remove any manufacturing gloop that may be left.

        Perfect stamping takes a little practice but is very addictive... have fun!

        PS If you are a complete beginner a card class might be a good would help you with techniques and could save you money long term because you;d get to try things before you invest money. There are lots oif useful threads in the card forum and you tube is a great place to learn techniques...although watching tutorials will eat hours of your time...


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          Thanks Christa!

          I think a card class is a good idea. I will do some research....


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            I used to read papercraft inspirations and every issue had a guide to essential kit for the card making newbie...have a flick through your mag to see if they do something similar.
            good luck...and's very addictive!!
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              I have some glass drink mats and use those as blocks rather then purchasing acrylic blocks.
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