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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum so hello to all you crafters :-)

    I'm actually here for assistance for my girlfriend.

    With Christmas rapidly approaching I thought that I would get her a couple of card making bibles to help her out in her new hobby.

    She is constantly buying magazines and lots of card making bits and bobs but I get the feeling that she is getting lost in it all already.

    My thoughts were to get her these books to set her off on her way properly rather than magazines which just seem to be building her collection of free backing papers rather than assisting her.

    One of the books I was looking at was "The Complete Guide to Card Making" by Sarah Beaman. Any opinions on this title?

    All other recommendations are greatly appreciated :-)

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Gazbea. It may be a more viable move to get said friend to join here as we have a very large community of card makers and she would get all the knowledge and encouragement she would need. Just a thought.
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      Hi, to the forum...I'm not a card maker so can't help you, but I hope you find what you're looking for and your girlfriend enjoys her new hobby.

      Jo xx
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        There are 100's of styles of making cards. We all tend to drop into our own favourite style. Sooner or later your gal will find her style then her cards will really take off and creativity then kicks in. Books are good to try styles and see what suits, also look at the albums on here. Better still get your girlfriend to sign up here for the best advice to get her started. My card style is not usually found in books so can't really recommend any. All the best...Dave.


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          I'm not familiar with the book you have mentioned but generally I looked a few books and did not find them particularly helpful as trends, styles, materials and techniques in card making and paper crafting generally are constantly evolving and by the time a book reaches the stores many of the techniques, trends etc have moved on...which is possibly why so many people turn to the magazines.

          Paper craft/card making groups/clubs/classes are far more helpful - being able to try things out with others, sharing experiences, ideas,hints and tips. Maybe you could locate something in your area and get vouchers or offer to pay for her to go along?

          I would suggest that cost free Googling for images of hand made cards, searching galleries on forum boards for inspiration and looking and video tutorials on youtube for techniques and ideas is a good way for her to start she goes along she will develop her own style and her skills level will grow and the books would be obsolete.

          Not the answer you were looking for but it hope it may help. She is lucky to have someone who is supportive of her creative endeavours


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            Welcome to the forum!
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              Welcome to the forum.

              I don't know the book you've mentioned but there are a lot on the market! I like having books on techniques, etc for reference and ideas. Yes, books do date but those on basic techniques are very useful for 'newbie' crafters.

              Amongst my favourites are The Cardmaker's Bible edited by Cheryl Brown. It not only provides technical info but also design ideas.

              Others worth a mention are Compendium of Cardmaking Techniques from Search Press and from Collins 'need to know?' series, Cardmaking.

              Search Press print a very good, varied range of cardmaking books by a variety of established crafters. It's worth checking out 2nd hand craft books which are often a fraction of the original price - I've bought some real bargains!

              Don't forget to check out the publication dates! Some American publications have ideas which are very different from the UK trends and use materials which may not be available here.

              Hope this helps - best wishes for the festive season.