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    Just uploaded my christmas card collection, well the start of it anyway!
    i am hoping it will grow quite quickly as christmas is very fast approaching (scary).

    I have also added a wedding section - your thoughts would be much appricated as its an area i dont feel so confident in~!

    Booked in for 1st craft fair on the 18th nov too - argh - any advise welcome!

    Rach x
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    Very nice cards not done my christmas ones yet i must get a move on. I also had a look at your other cards i love the purple crystal one i just love the purple feather i got loads of them myself and use them on my wedding towel cakes the black one is very nice as well

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      Your cards are lovely. The black ones are nice and I think that is the trend this Christmas.

      Great work.


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        Lookin good!
        Not sure about the dropdown options for your wedding cards - new home?!!

        Good luck with the craft fair - let us know how you get on!!


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          tip top,

          im not sure i understand what you mean about the wedding section, do you not like it?
          and are you suggesting i make cards for a new home?

          thanks for all your other comments though, its a great confidence boost having so much positive feedback! x
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            Just had a look and your cards are lovely, I think what tip- tip means is in the wedding card section there is a drop down menu to Personalise Your Card and one of the options is "New Home", I'm not sure if the personalisation goes on the front of the cards or the inside, if it's the inside then you might not want new home on the inside of a wedding card? But then again you might

            Wishing you all the best.

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