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  • printer compatible card blanks

    Bear with me its a bit of a story........

    me and dad went to pc world to get a new printer cartridge the other day and it seems our lovely, reliable, does what i want it to printer is getting towards being obsolete and the colour cartridge was £33
    as we turned around we spotted a lovely shiny brand new printer for £45 so we decided it was time to re-invest. Its a fab printer BUT when i tried to print some cards it wasn't having any of it and the card got completely jammed

    Does anyone know of any card blanks that will happily go through a printer that goes 180 degrees? (its a hp printer)
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    I know what you mean!

    I have an HP bubblejet at work and card gets stuck in it (but it does print about 80% of an A4 sheet and then gets stuck for the rest of it). At home I use a Lexmark which has no problem at all.

    Call me geeky but I think its the way they take the paper up.....

    Doesn't really help though does it?!


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      its more annoying because it will do an a4 piece of card that was (in theory) the same weight!

      My old one was a hp too and that just didn't have a problem with it i think i'm just gonna have to buy some and try or print it on a4 and cut it down
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        My printer prints on mine fine. I have a brother all-in-one printer and they have to do 180 degrees. The card blanks i use are the same as these but in C5 size
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          well i bought some the other day which were only 10gsm lighter weight than the ones i'd been using and they went through absolutely fine! Thanks for your help/advice
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            Glad it worked out for you!

            I was thinking of you when I was doing some printing earlier!