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Christmas cards - why is it Christmas seems to get here earlier each year!

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  • Christmas cards - why is it Christmas seems to get here earlier each year!

    I thought I was going to be super organised this year and make all my family and friends Christmas cards early but I have made one! I love making them and friends and family always expect a handmade one but this year I may have to sneak off and buy some and customise them lol x I can't believe I said that seeing as it is my full time job making and selling cards but I seem to sell them faster than I can make them and I keep meaning to put some by but never do. Maybe hubby will have to learn to make them too!
    Angela Devine

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    Oh dear, maybe you should make them in January to be sure you have them, but then you have the challenge of remembering where you put them!
    Thankfully I promised no one anything handmade, and I've managed to make quite a few things. I just need to finish knitting Humf and then I am all finished with my Christmas crafting
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      I haven't even started Christmas either!
      I've got it all sorted for my Website/Shop but I haven't done a single thing when it comes to actually making stuff/getting things for my friends and family. I'll probably end up having some really late nights nearer the time trying to get it all done. That's what usually happens!


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        We've got to swear to ourselves we will keep the momentum going and keep making them through at least the end of February. Then we'll be way ahead next holiday buying season, and can sit back and enjoy making them for family and friends...and we will not lose them we will put them in a red or green storage box on the shelf in the hall closet!! The we can ask each other next Nov. where we put them - but none of us will know....