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Wonderful Paints for all your Cards - Twinkling H2O's

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  • Wonderful Paints for all your Cards - Twinkling H2O's

    Have you heard of Twinklers? no?.....

    Twinkling H2O's are watercolour cakes that are incredibly shimmery, non-toxic acid free, lightfast and safe for all ages to use! Simply dip a wet paintbrush or water brush into the solid cake of colour and begin to paint! You can use this paint on paper, canvas, rocks, wood and even Easter Eggs! They are available is 120 colours
    Twinkling H2O's come in two size pots - 10 gram (regular size) and 5 gram minis (Little Twinklers).

    you will be amazed at the finish you can get!

    See my shop for a full range of colours and ask any questions you have.

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    The bleach technique is great with Twinkling H2O’s. Here’s how it works. Stamp and emboss the design in black on a dark colored cardstock. Use a small tipped waterbrush with regular household bleach in it and “paint” the inside of the design. You may need to do several coats of bleach to get enough color out of the cardstock. Let the cardstock dry completely. Then paint with Twinkling H2O’s in the bleached areas.


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      Sponging Technique

      Sponging Technique
      Stamp and emboss a design in white on white cardstock. Select three coordinating colors of Twinkling H2O's. Put 3-4 drops of water into each pot of paint to soften the cake slightly, or spritz with spray bottle as suggested above. Wet a sponge and squeeze out all the excess water. Start with the lightest color - pick up some of the paint with the damp sponge and cover approximately 1/3 of the card, going right over the embossed images. Next, use another sponge with the next darker color. After sponging this color, you should have about 2/3 to 3/4 of the card covered with color. Finish with the darkest color, slightly overlapping the other colors.