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    My daughter goes to day care as she autism and she has started making cards there. I bought her some basics for her to do at home. The question is how do you keep the cards flat once you have stuck on the design? Her's come out slightly open, is she using to much glue, what's the best way to do cards. I'm new to this to so any help would be appreciated.
    These are her first atempts, all her own design.

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    They're lovely.

    I don't do cards but I am sure someone will come along soon with a good idea for her.
    Do not watch this space


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      Her cards looks great...

      To answer your question: If the cards are springing open rather than laying flat it is probably because of the initial fold. If she is using pre-made card blanks they usually come flat with a score line down the middle to fold. With these she should lay the card down with the raised part of the scoreline facing up, fold one side over the other, lining the edges of the card up and then press down on the fold. To make sure the fold then lays flat she would use a bone folder and run it along the edge to really make the fold crisp. This will make sure the card stays closed. It is best to do that before she adds any papers or embellishments.

      If she is making her own card blanks by cutting and folding card to size, the folds will be crisper and stay closed if she scores them before folding and then uses the bone folder to make the fold crisp.

      Many paper trimmers have a score blade option or she can get a score board to help with folds...or she can use a non slip metal ruler and an embossing tool or the bone folder.

      If the problem was caused by too much glue she could end up with cards that are slightly wavy...this comes from using too much wet glue and is a reason why many people opt to use double sided tape for sticking paper/card - the only downside is that DST sticks on contact whereas wet glue allows repositioning wriggle room. A quick swipe over the DST with a glue stick solves that issue and gives precious seconds leeway.

      I hope this helps...if I have confused you further please yell...


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        Thanks for the replies.
        she is using pre folded cards from a kit, and using a pritt stick type glue. I am going to look for more crafty things for her, I thought about DST as I've seen the 3d effect you can create. I will look for a bone folder and a paper trimmer ( she bought coloured card). Is there a special glue she should be using. Is there any other items she will need, only got the basics at the moment.


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          The DST you're thinking about is the foam squares to make it 3d. You can get DS tape on a roll which looks like a roll of thin selotape but it's white.

          A basic kit for me would be

          DS tape for sticking paper to paper
          a gloopy glue such as pva for sticking embellishments such as glitter, ribbon, foil, string, flowers etc
          a paper trimmer
          bone folder

          Then depending on what sort of cards she's going to make

          embellishments such as flowers, buttons, diecut shapes, ribbon, string, glitter etc
          stamps and inkpads for stamping - and felt pens, watercolour pens etc for colouring the images

          It's a slippery slope to and addictive spend if you're not careful but so much fun, Good luck!
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            They are lovely cards

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