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    Hi all, was wondering as usual if you can help me, im about to do my first craft fair in a couple of weeks and although i sell my cards to my family and friends for £2 a card, i was wondering if people that have already done fairs what the normal going rate for a card is. il be selling both christmas cards (yes already!!) and everyday cards e.g birhtday.

    hope you can help.


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    Hmm pricing is sooooo hard,
    I don't make cards but i've been to plenty of craft fairs... i think it's really hard as people are extremley reluctant to pay the going rate for a handmade card..
    and yet have you been to WHS lately!! 4.00 for a card!!!
    I would say just keep it as cheap as poss, if you could go just under the 2.00 mark (1.90)? it's a physcological thing.. thay think it's a lot less...
    What might also be a good idea is if you put some into packs of 5 say, tie them with a nice ribbon, people pay more for packs of cards don't they?
    I probably am talking a load of pile but these are just my thoughts....


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      I have the same problem.....
      So tell me when you've solved it!


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        I think it depends on the size of the cards, quality, medium used and how long they took to make. If they are quicky cards and cheap to make then keep your prices low. If you've used parchment or stamps and coloured in then these should be priced higher.

        Sorry can't help much but without knowing the kind of cards you make it's a bit hard to help with pricing.
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          I dont make cards as such (just one!) so Im not sure but my mum was talking to some other crafty type person at her work and she said the price should be double of what it cost to make. I dont no if this is correct or not and considering the prices in the card shops these days it doesnt sound to bad to me.
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            hi not sure if this helps but i sell my cards online from £1.50 to £8.00 there will be more expensive cards soon but these are boxed keepsake cards.

            so vary your prices if possible. I think it has already been said but it all depends on the size of the cards, price of material and the time took to make the cards.

            Hope you do well at your craft fair.


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              If it was for a really special ocassion, I would happy pay what the card maker asked for. I think those of us who do craft, understand the time and effort that has gone into make a piece of work so lovely and can really appreciate that.

              Have to admit that if it was just for a work 'mate' or a neighbour, I would'nt even look at hand made cards.

              Special cards deserve a special price! Its trial and error I think with pricing.......I hate it myself.....but maybe if you selected your favorite ones that you feel are really special, make those one that little bit extra than the others!

              Good luck and let us know how you got on.

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                i did a school summer fair this year it was my first time i put a lot of hard work into it and effort

                i kept the card designs basic as i didnt have much time to prepare i put £1 each on all my cards as they were basic, the school fair was about 1.5 hours and I made a sale of about £5o.

                I was really pleased with the out come I know if i do another one i would get a lot more for my cards

                I know you would to

                think about the time and effort you put into making your cards if you sell them for about £2 and they sell up the price that is wat im learning now to see wat sells the best and how much people are willing to pay
                iv gone from £1 to £3
                im sure you will do well

                Love Chaze2k7 xx


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                  When I used to sell my cards I had them priced up between £1.50 and £3.25 and they sold, having different prices helps I think. I think people who will buy handmade cards do appreciate the work put in and the uniqueness of the card so don't undersell yourself too much but having the quicker, cheaper cards too will entice people in to have a longer browse. Those people who are used to buying 3 cards for £1 at certain shops in town are not going to be the type who'd buy anyway so imho forget about trying to attract them fullstop.

                  For what it's worth I've just nipped into WHSmith to buy a Sympathy card (I can never bring myself to make this type) it was a plain simple card with no embellishments and cost £3.20.
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