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  • how to get started with card making

    hello everyone, i live in the hull area and would love to learn how to make cards, but i dont have a clue how or where to start. i work full time and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of classes/workshops that happen in the area where you can learn. would be great full for any help or advice thanks cheryl

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    Hi Cheryl,

    I don't know of any workshops in your area but a great way to have a browse round at products etc is to visit a craft show. There is one in Hull at the Bonus Arena on the 2nd of October. It's run by Max Papercraft and is on around twice a year. We stand there but it's not just great for buying stuff, it's great for having a nosey around at different sample cards, looking into what sort of products you'd like to use (Stamps, CD Rom's, etc) and the lovely projects you can make with them!

    The best way, aswell as attending a class, is to have a look around blogs, website gallerys, etc. You can soon see what takes your fancy and if you choose a smaller company you're likely to get any help you need about using their products!

    Hayley @ Dreamees
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      If you take a look on or through the classifieds of any card making magazine you should be able to find details of any craft shops in your local area - most will run card making workshops and it's a brilliant way to start as they usually provide all the equipment/materials you need and you go home with a couple of completed cards. It really is a great way to try and learn before you start paying out for all the very tempting bits and pieces. Most will have classes in the evening or weekend.

      I'd off out in a minute but can have a look through my craft mags to see what craft shops are in your area later for you if you don't have any luck.
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        There is a member on the forum called disneycrafts (or similar) and she's running a craft group at weekends in the hull and east riding area. will try and find her details for you.
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          This is the group it's one thursday evening a month
          and is run by disneyfreak

          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            I agree that blogs are an excellent way to learn. Pick a blog out of the blue and then search through their followers/people who are following them and you'll get a good idea about what people are using and you can leave comments asking for any extra info about a particular technique, or even about what glue they use! My blog is

            MOD EDIT: please read the rule about 25 posts and urls...also about signatures, THANKS!

            , you can leave me a comment or message me on here asking me anything you'd like to know! Oooh I almost forgot, youtube is excellent too! Search for things such as 'cardmaking tutorial', 'how to make flowers', 'rubber stamp' and you'll get lots of ideas, just try not to bombard yourself with too much to start with
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              thanks everyone will try some of these