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need some help - maths themed card

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  • need some help - maths themed card

    does anyone know where I might get some embellishments with a maths theme ?

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    I wish I could help. A blackboard with numbers on, there must be something on the nett. Perhaps you could scribble a couple of times tables out - black ink on white paper, photograph it, shrink it, print it, cut it out and stick it on.
    I know, I'm still useless which is why you do the cards and I do the sewing. lol.
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      Tumbling numbers? Algebra equations depending on the age? Words of math terms? This site may give you some ideas


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        How about an equation but written to look like Happy Birthday or something?

        I liked the equation to work out for the age idea.

        you could print your own background paper of numbers and mathematical symbols using wordart.
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          I don't come on here very often but I have a set of handcrafted stickers (three dimensional ones) that have a few bits on. The set includes: note book with sums on, calculator and ruler, a green board with a sum on and a few other bits such as a PC/lap yop, floppy disk and a school bag. I can let you have them if you are stuck but I might not see your reply if I don't remember to log on. Can you set things up so I receive an email if I get a pm? I know this happens on other types of forum I'm on.


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            Just been thinking......

            I like the other suggestions of making your own backing papers using maths symbols but you could make small graphs using graph paper or use it to mat and layer your card. You can print different types of graphs and charts off using your computer. Depending on how old the person is you could use a page of a log table or statistics book. I'm not sure if yoounger people know how to use these. Calculators were around when I was at school but we had to to maths with basix calculators so we couldn't cheat.

            You could draw some geometry shapes, name them and mark the angles on them.


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              Originally posted by Craftychez View Post
              Can you set things up so I receive an email if I get a pm? I know this happens on other types of forum I'm on.
              Yes if you go into Settings you should be able to change this, if you have any problems let me know and I can set it up for you instead.
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                I know if you want to be really geeky that √-1 = i (the imaginary unit). That's as helpful as I can be
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                  Why not shape the card like a calculator? You could use rub ons or the computer to print your greeting in the display.
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                    Thats a good idea