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suggestions please for sticking vellum invisibly

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  • suggestions please for sticking vellum invisibly

    i am doing my daughter's wedding invites which involve vellum being stuck onto a couple of layers of other card. the little tape mouse had been recommended as being invisible but i find it can be seen quite clearly.
    i have thought about silicone glue in the four corners and then putting a gem on as a pretend brad which would just about do for the daytime invites but not the evening invites.

    again i have an idea but it isn't really ideal, i think it would leave the vellum just barely stuck on and quite loose.

    has anyone tried "invisidots" which i have been told would work and how invisible are they?
    or does anyone have any suggestions please?

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    Pergamano do a glue especially designed for using on vellum and parchment paper - it is called Perga Glue. I think it is about £4 - £5 for a little bottle.
    Hope this helps and good luck with the invites

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      Even with the specially designed adhesives you have to be very careful when applying as vellum is the most unforgiving material to work with and a steady hand and a very fine layer of glue is required.. and although tape or glue may not show through immediately, give it a couple of days and it starts to appear and does not look good....which is why most people opt for a fine ribbon or braid or some form of embellishments to cover the glued/taped area...or they simply use brads or eyelets to fix the vellum - which might be a bit heavy handed for wedding invitations. In my experience even invisidots do show through too...

      Good luck with this...


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        thanks for the advice. im just back from the local craft shop and considered a spray glue (i have seen crafter's companion do that sort of thing)but i was advised that it can turn yellow after a while. trust me to have a daughter who doesn't like ribbon.

        the girl in the shop recommended a glue stick and showed me several cards that she had used it on, both vellum and angel hair, and it did seem to be a good finish. i think i wil try to come up with some idea which uses the least amount of fixative that i can get away with.


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          Hi how about using brads? Or as you say just a dot of glue in each corner and then maybe using card candy to cover as they look very pretty and are cheaper than brads.

          Your daughter is certainly testing your crafting skills - good luck.

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            Hi, I tried invisible dots, but put them only in corners - they are quite good. I bought Perga Glue as well but it didn't work for me. Now I just use very thin(3 mm) double sided tape and than cover it with peel-off stickers. Usually I use vellum or parchment for wedding cards so this decoration looks nice.
            Hope it helps


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              a local craft shop recommended a type of glue stick and it has certainly done well on a couple of trials that i have done so will maybe go with this, they told me that the spray glue i had been considering can go yellow after a while.
              my problem now is getting c5 envelopes, i would prefer pearlised in an ivory shade but might have to even go with just a nice quality ivory in normal card. i had ordered all my invite requirements from pda but they didn't have the envelopes that i had thought of. does anyone know of a website with a good range of envelopes that is known to deliver quite quickly. i also need clear address labels and will no doubt be asking for help in how to print onto them but that's for another day.


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                I've just found ivory wedding envelopes
                Hope it helps
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                  Originally posted by southportgirl View Post
                  a local craft shop recommended a type of glue stick and it has certainly done well on a couple of trials that i have done so will maybe go with this, they told me that the spray glue i had been considering can go yellow after a while.
                  Hi there I am just getting into using vellum in my crafting but have awful trouble sticking it to my projects. Could you tell me the name of the glue stick that you have tried as it sounds as if it might be good fro what I am doing too.



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                    I think the pergamano glue could do the job, I have used very think double sided tape in the past which has done a good job too,


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                      i have had real problems because the invite design was intended to be just printed vellum with no other decoration and because of this every single thing shows through. i tried printing a nice flourish in each corner and then used the glue mouse thing and it is fine if you are very careful to make sure that it is entirely covered by the priniting.

                      i ended up putting a little diamonte in each corner and then on the reverse putting a tiny dot of silicone glue. i then very carefully placed it on the backing card and just barely pushed it down. this has worked fine. i think it's how much or how little the decoration is on hte vellum