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Craft Shops in Derbyshire/Cheshire/Manchester?

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  • Craft Shops in Derbyshire/Cheshire/Manchester?

    I've recently moved to Derbyshire and am in desperate need of finding good craft shops for my card making hobby! I always shopped in The Craft Barn in Lingfield, but am lost being so far away! Any suggestions would be great!
    Many thanks.

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    Sorry i'm not from your area but just done a quick google and came up with these:
    High Chase workshop AShbourne
    Arran Trading Post Bakewell
    Craftadoodledo Bakewell
    Midas Workshops Buxton
    The Framers Workshop South Normanton
    Don't know if they are anywhere near you. Have you thought of ordering over the internet? that way you won't be limited to what one shop stocks and you can normally get them cheaper.
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      Im not very knowledgable on card making but
      Peartree craft yard in sandiacrce. Between nottingham and derby. Is worth a try. They have a web site too
      Hobbycraft in Nottingham.
      Sure there must be one or two in Derby centre too. Maybe on the indoor market????
      Will aks around and see if I can come up with some more.
      Welcome to Derbyshire.


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        What about Hobbycraft?
        Or as EMEvans said - stuff is usually cheaper on the internet and her shop is really good to navigate and she's got some nice things too (I keep looking and looking and I have a wish list!!)


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          Awwww thanks Tip Top, you have lovely stuff too.
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            I don't know if Warrington is too far for you but theres a shop called Craft in Time which is good..and also Edwin Allen is okay, they are both in the town center.

            And if you fancy travelling to Blackpool, which i do quite often, there are quite a few craft shops there

            And ofcorse, there is always a Hobbycraft nearby, if you want to pay the prices!

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              I'm in Manchester, the local Hobbycraft is in Stockport and there's a PaperMill and CraftWorld at the Lowry Centre. In the centre of Manchester there's Fred Aldous (Arts & Craft supplies), PaperChase and also Abhakhan which is mainly fabrics but they do a few embelllies and stamps too.

              There's a Craft Central in Timperley and another one in Failsworth (good for basics but not very inspiring!!) In Prestwich there is Paddy's Stamping Place, worth a visit for Paddy's know-how alone!! There are two shops in Hyde, Craft Creation and Craft-Age, both quite small.

              There's a QVC outlet at Birchwood in Warrington where I believe others have had some great kit finds, though I've never been so lucky!!

              I've heard there's a craft shop in Alderly Edge, Crabapple Crafts is in Frodsham which I've heard is very good but not been myself yet!!