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    Hi there,

    I am thinking of offering personalised cards, the majority of my cards are generic and (I think!) great for any occasion but I'm just wondering if a more personalised touch would be better.
    Can I ask your opinions? Would you prefer a card that can be used for any occasion or a personal one?



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    Hi Vicky,

    Like you my cards can you used for many occasions, I have been told by many people that they like this, as they are not limited to who/why they send them. However, there are those who think that it isn't right for the cards not to be personalised. I guess it's a matter of taste, maybe it's an idea to do a mix.


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      You could always offer on the spot personalising of cards for those that definitely want extra text on it.
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        Hi Vicky,

        My daughter has just received a personal card for a special occasion and I have to say, it stood out from all the rest. You could offer this as an optional extra to your clients.

        All the best in your new venture.
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          I'm only a hobby card maker but my customers pre order the subject of the card and say if they need any text adding to the background, as a peel off or on a banner.

          Young girls football cards are popular for teenage girls that play football or them want the card in their team colours.


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            Thanks for the advice



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              I don't make cards to sell. But my aunt does; and I remember when I first started crafting she advised me NOT to go down the route of personalising cards (if I ever did decide to sell them, that is) because I'll end up getting complicated and time-consuming requests.

              One example she gave me, that particularly stuck in my head, was a commission for a "Sorry your school burned down" card. LOL! Seriously! And she said this was at a time when she hadn't started using a computer to print off greetings to stick on cards - so the poor soul either stamped, or used stickers, or rub-ons or whatever!

              I think personalised cards are a nice idea. And if you are happy to offer that service then it's perhaps a good selling point for your cards.

              Good luck with whatever you decide.

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                I make personalised cards to order but I sell generic cards at craft fairs. ...and have repeat customers who buy 10 -12 general cards at a time (do not have specific greeting on the front...maybe say just for you or just because...) and say they prefer to have a selection of cards to hand just in case and they love the idea that a card can be used for just about any occasion - all they have to do is write their own message inside. I always take options with me to add to cards but have only been asked three times to do this.


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                  Think I will continue to make general cards and offer a personalised service if required. Thanks everyone!