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    Hello everyone - I am new to the forums, so please be gentle

    I have been making wedding stationery for several years now, and I want to invest in a die cutting machine. I need to be able to print a sheet of names on my computer, then then have a machine cut around the intricate edges. Last week I spent 7 hours hand cutting daisy flowers, and enough is enough!!

    Die cut stamps dont work, as I can't line them up precisely enough.

    Does anyone have any ideas, help or suggestions? searching through the internet is just not helping... HELP!!!!!!!!

    Many thanks, Hannah

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    I dont think you can beat a cuttlebug for a basic machine it takes all the dies under the sun and you could cut shapes using Nestabilitie (wizard) dies to mount your name lists on with beautiful intricate edging or scallops etc.
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      There are several different types of machines on the market...manual die cutting machines like the aforementioned cuttlebug and the Big Shot (my personal l fav because I have one and use it all the time) are brilliant machines, reasonably priced at around fifty quid...but you do have to buy dies for them.

      There are also electronic cutting machines like the cricut range and the slice that work from cartridges/cards which you buy instead of dies and which can prove expensive. You cannot use dies in an electronic machine.

      There is now a cricut that prints and cuts but its fairly new and I think its quite expensive...and there are machines such as pazzles, silhouette and craft robo which you can use with your computer.

      So much depoends on what you wnat to be able to do with your machine and the space you have for it and of course budget. Each has plus and minus points.

      A manual machine is a great starting point and you can cut and emboss with them and even if you gte an electronic cutter later they are still a great tool...I have a Big shot and love it to bits. I also have a cricut but I use the BS every purchase I ever made.

      Everyone has their favouroite for a varietyu of reasons...if at all possible I wouold siuggest you go to a store or a crfat fair/expo and try them out for yourself... I have no idea how I ever lived without a die cutter ;-)


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        You might want to have a look at a Pazzles machine. I looked into getting one and it looked great, but I didn't think that it would save me any time, so it didn't seem worth the money. I wasn't going to get it to do anything intricate though, if you are then it probably would save you time. You can print on your computer and then cut it out on the machine, if you google 'pazzles print and cut' then you can watch a video on youtube on how to do it.

        Hope that helps!

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