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    Afternoon all,

    Hope we're all well and enjoying some of this glorious sunshine - certainly lifts the spirits doesn't it... long may the sunshine continue

    I'm looking for a bit of advice please.

    Last night we did a spring fair at a local venue and Badger's Woodcrafts got lots of interest which is a huge relief as it proves that things are going in the right direction.

    Cards And Candles For All Occasions also got a lot of interest and a few customers... as it was a small event (supporting a local hospice) we weren't expecting a huge turnover but it was mainly an advertising venture for us to get our name 'out there' in the local area.

    The one thing which struck me was a lady who was with her friend who stood in front of our stall for a good twenty minutes admiring our keepsake cards, telling her friend how beautiful they were and going as far as choosing one which she thought would be suitable for a friends birthday, then it all went downhill.

    Each of our cards, etc are individually labelled with their selling price so that potential customers can browse with ease without having to constantly ask us about pricing as we know this puts a lot of people off, so as expected the lady turned the keepsake card over and saw the price label... then said "how much do you want for this" so as per label I said £6.50 - she asked me to repeat it twice then asked her friend how much I'd said so her friend also said £6.50 to which she replied "I'm not paying that for a piece of card, that's daylight robbery!" and literally slung it down on top of everything else on the table and walked off!!!

    Initially I was quite upset and annoyed by this but hubby pointed out that they probably didn't realise the time and work which goes into each card, the cost of materials not to mention packaging, etc but it has still got to me a bit.

    Our keepsake cards can be seen here and I just wondered if people could give their thoughts on our pricing - please be honest

    Thanks in advance,

    Laura xxx

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    Your cards are beautiful and as a cardmaker myself I can see how much work has gone into each one..... People don't realise how long these things take to make and that it's so much more than 'a piece of card' I wouldn't let it upset you....the woman probably had no class and is not worthy of your creations.....
    Sarah x

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      Another who agrees she probably doesn't know how long it took. It may be worth adding a bit to the price label that says 'x hours work to make this card' if more refuse to buy because of the price.
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        Assuming these are standard bookatrix size and come in presentation box as one would expect then your pricing is reasonable - I know many crafters charging in excess of ten pounds for one of these.
        I think this particular 'lady' doesn't understand the concept of keepsake cards (often sent for those very special occasions or in lieu of a gift) and definitely does not appreciate the work that goes into making one of these beauties. Please don't let her rather ignorant response upset you.


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          I agree with Christa. I dont think your prices give a true reflection of the work and quality- if you broke down the cost of materials then how long each one takes at minimum wage I'm sure the cost would be more than you charge. Some people dont apprciate the difference between something mass produced from the high street which willl end up in the bin or something which as the name suggests is a keepsake.


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            Originally posted by Christa View Post
            I think this particular 'lady' doesn't understand the concept of keepsake cards (often sent for those very special occasions or in lieu of a gift).
            Almost certainly the case! Maybe it'd be a good idea to make up a little info notice* to put on your table explaining keepsake cards to educate those who don't quite get it.

            * I find a really cheapy A5 sized photo frame (with the fold out stand at the back) makes a really effective sign for this kind of thing - type out the info in a clear attractive font, stick it onto some coloured card and stick it all onto the front of the frame.
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              Thank you for your feedback and comments - I have seen bookatrix cards priced higher (some in the region of £15) while others are priced lower, though without the edging on each page etc... I worked out the cost of materials then worked my price based on something realistic I would be willing to pay while at the same time trying to cover something for time as well.

              With regards to making a notice for our table then this is a great idea and definitely something I shall work on - thank you!!! Perhaps if people understand the amount of work which goes into each keepsake they will be more appreciative.

              Thank you all xxx


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                £6-50 is a very good price for a card that has so much work in it.
                I used to make Keepsake cards with matching boxes and sold them at £10 each, but i knew of others who sold them for £20 easily, but to be fair that was a couple of years ago when the market was boyant.
                I agree that she probably didn't realise how much work goes into making that kind of card.
                Please don't be upset by her reaction as i am sure you will sell them to people who really appreciate them at £6-50.
                I only make them when commisioned now.
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                  Oh dear,is the customer always right? I would say no,as I also do these cards,you do not even get the minimum wage,as they take all evening to make.I sell mine for only
                  £4.50 and to some people thats still to much.
                  Never mind girls keep going!!!!



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                    Thank you for all of your support... it's so nice to hear that we are not over charging and it was just this lady being picky/not understanding the work.

                    As they say... onwards and upwards


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                      I think part of the problem is that many people assume (incorrectly) that making cards is hugely cheaper than buying them.

                      I know that when I first started telling people that I was making my own cards to send from now on, people made comments along the lines of "that's great, that'll probably save you a fortune!". But in reality, I have spend (quite literally) hundreds of pounds so far on craft materials and tools. Admittedly, I think I probably got a bit carried away with the fun of buying all the stuff!

                      So for me it's about having a fun hobby, as opposed to saving money. If I ever did decide to try selling my cards I'd probably grudge having to sell them cheaply because I tend to spend HOURS (LOL!) making each card!

                      Anyway, the main thing is, don't let people like that upset you. THEY are the ones with the mistaken perception towards your beautiful cards. THEY have the problem - not you. So don't let them make you doubt yourself.

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                        Thank you for your lovely message, I know exactly what you mean - when I first started out with cardmaking family all made the 'must save a fortune' comments until I explained the costs of different materials, tools, adhesives, etc and they then realised that most of the time it works out more expensive.

                        I have taken everyone's comments on board and feel comfortable with our pricing, especially after reading everyone's views and different perspectives. I have also written a sign for the table which explains a bit about keepsake cards and the process of making them which will hopefully help, otherwise I'll have to learn to politely smile and ignore the negative comments lol.

                        Busy preparing for today's craft fair at the moment, just about to laminate our 'explanation' so we'll see how it goes.

                        Thanks again everyone xxx


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                          I have also added the 'keepsake explanation' to our website... hope this is helpful to potential customers

                          You can read it at http://www.cardsandcandlesforallocca...-keepsake-card


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                            your cards are amazing, I would pay 6.50,and up to 10.00 for one with a abox its a perfect gift with having to buy a gift!! I don't think that lady deserved one of your cards, id rather keep the card than have their money,let her go to card factory and get 100 same ones for a fiver!!


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                              ha ha just seen the date on this thread...