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How much should i charge

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  • How much should i charge

    It's so difficult to work out how much I should charge for my cards....

    Any advice?


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    Work out how much it cost you to make - and double/triple it is one method of working it out. Then work it out at a cost for materials and a standard rate per hour for time (how long did it take you to make). Then compare similar cards int he market place - eg on folksy/etsy, craft fairs etc.

    Compare all 3 figures and come up with one you're happy with.

    The larger and more complex the card I would expect to charge more for than a simple one layer stamped small one.

    Hope that helps!
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      There are so many variables to pricing that there is no simple answer. The basic starting point is to identify the basic unit cost of materials plus x amount for your time to give you basic production costs...and you work from there.

      Things to consider - the local/target market for your goods and any competitors of course common sense. When making calculations consider if you prefer to sell more at a slightly lower price or to hold out for fewer sales at a higher price. If you have a USP that c/should be factored in.

      Every so often I offer customers the option to pay what they feel is a fair price for the item... it can be illuminating.

      Good Luck with this...


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        I agree with what has been said already

        You need to work out what each one costs you in materials, then how long you spend on each card and also if your going to the post office to send the items out don't forget to includes time as well as the packing into your price.