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    I have been asked to sell some cards at a school I used to teach at. They suggested I place a box of cards in the staffroom and they can pay for them leaving money in a box. I'm just a bit unsure of how to do this or has anyone done it before?

    I was thinking of changing the box every 2-3 weeks.
    Should I have a varied theme i.e. one time do baby cards, another birthday, or mother's day or wedding etc. Or should I do different sized cards each time ie one week DL sized, another week square or 7*5 or A6. Different sized cards usually have different prices so this option would be less complicated when it comes to paying... although some cards are a bit fancier and cost more to make, so some 7*5 cards I might sell at 2.75, others at 3.50.

    I want to make the process as simple as possible - thereby (hopefully) encouraging people to buy!! Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.



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    I would do a varied theme and individually price the cards up so there's no confusion as to what each card should also put some business cards the box too with details of how someone can get in touch should they require something thats not in the box...hope this helps
    Sarah x

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      Fab news

      If I were you I'd do a box of mixed occasions rather than stick to one 'topic' each time, we all know how rubbish some men can be so always make sure you have anniversary, wife's birthday etc cards as you'll defo get panic buys from the male teachers especially if they don't have time to pop to the shops.

      Not sure about sizes, if you're worried about them getting confused with prices just make sure you have the price labels on the front of each card so there's no confusion when they select the card.

      If you are going to change the box completely every 2 or 3 weeks it might be worth putting something on the box so they know when it'll next be changed, that way if someone has spotted one they like they know to buy it before that date...otherwise you might lose a sale if they've put off buying it until nearer the occasion - if that makes sense

      Edit to add: great idea from Loody about business cards!
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        I would have to agree with the other comments about having various types of cards rather than themes per week. If someone has forgotten a birthday or anniversary they will be able to pick a card available, otherwise if it were a theme their type of card may not be available and you could miss out on a sale.

        We have an 'honesty' box at my work for charity sweets. The box is made from stiff cardboard and has a slot to drop coins in but a note could be folded in to fit as well. Nobody fiddles with the money, but this may be because it's for charity?


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          Thanks everyone for the comments. I guess I had thought that the varied theme would work best too but just needed some reassurances. The business cards is a good idea... except the website which is on the cards isn't actually in existence yet. Well it is but there is nothing on it!!

          I'll probably tweak my prices slightly to make it easier for people to pay and have some sort of piggy bank to pay into (rather than a box and people looking for change) ... mmm.. wonder where I could get a box with a slit big enough. I had also though of giving people the opportunity of ordering a special card in advance if they wanted to so they could pop a wee note into the box too.

          Well, thanks for the ideas again,

          E x


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            Good luck Eleanor, I hope it goes really well
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