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Cardmaking magazines-which ones do you buy?

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  • Cardmaking magazines-which ones do you buy?

    I'm thinking about getting a cardmaking subscription to either cardmaking & papercraft or quick cards made easy (this is the one I'm leaning more towards)

    They will cost me 42.50 pounds or 40 pounds so need to make the right choice as they aren't cheap.
    which one do you get? (or do you get a different one?)

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    I buy Lets Make Cards and have done so for two years. I subscribe as you often get about 25-30% discount depending on the 'free' gift with the subscription. This month the 'free' gift is work £40 (papers, fiskars cutters, self cling stamps etc). The code for this offer is LMC38. I'm not sure how many issues per year but its less than monthly. You get 8 card blanks and envelopes plus papers, ribbons, beads, card tags etc all on a theme with a magazine. This months issue there are 575 bits of card making items with the magazine. If you buy the magazine per issue its £7.99.

    I used to subscribe to another mag but it was virtually the same as another by the same company so they stopped doing it last year

    I haven't looked at any others for quite a while as I don't want to be temped into any more subscriptions.


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      I dont subscribe to any of them any more - they all felt a bit samey to me.

      I tend to read people's blogs a lot and find I get more inspiration that way and I have £40 more to spend on supplies!!!!
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        I buy the bi-monthly Docraft mag - always good. Lots of ideas, giveaways, etc each issue. Good value for money. Not just for cards. I have bought other card mags, but feel they are all so much the same and just keep being repeated very so often, so felt a waste of money really.

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          I have bought Let's Make Cards before and loved it everytime! They always have great ideas in and come with some great stuff!! I have also bought the DoCrafts mag but it wasn't for me (mainly as it covers different crafts, some of which I'm not interested in). I like Quick Cards Made Easy but definatley think Lets Make Cards is a better buy as you get the materials as well!
          Hope this helps,
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            Hello there

            I also make cards and sometimes struggle for ideas and find the magazines useful, but they can sometimes be a bit samey. I tend to buy older ones that are a bit cheaper and you still get the free gifts. I have done this a few times and if you don't mind being a month or so behind its a cheap way of getting the ideas and gifts. I don't know if you have one where you live but I have brought them from the range shop and they were 99p. bargain especially when I got rubber stamps!

            good luck and keep crafting!


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              To the OP,

              I believe the two magazines you have mentioned are produced by the same people (or at least related in some way) so I would imagine that there will be quite a bit crossover between the two. They are both quality magazines but I would say that as they made my wife their Cardmaker of the Year 2010! Anyway, I wouldn't spend too much time decide but for what it's worthCardmaking & Papercraft seems to be the more popular.

              Happy crafting!

              PS if you get chance why not check out my wife's blog on Blogspot - paulaholifiledcrafts!