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I would like some help if you could?

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  • I would like some help if you could?

    Hi, I'm wanting to make a card for my dad's birthday (Thursday) and I'm stuck for ideas... I wanted to do something do do with Marvel comics, but I couldn't really find any good inspiration, but anything that he might like would be appreciated! Thanks
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    I get really stuck for male cards to. I don't know the comics your on about so i don't know what he might like.

    The easiest option would be to get a nice photgraph, it can be of you and him, him on his own, grandkids, anything really that is personal to him.

    Without seeing what you've got in your stash box it's quite hard to give suggestions.

    I'm having a bit of a card makers block ATM so hopefully someone might come along with some ideas, failing that check out craft magazine website and craft blogs they may give you some inspiration.
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      My son is well into the Marvel characters, and for his birthday I made a card with printed characters, cut them out so they looked like they were holding his photo. You could do something similar to that! Make your dad a hero with them on the card!!! Hope that helps.
      I got some pictures of google images!
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        Thanks for the help all... the only trouble is I can't find any pictures that are good enough quality really... I'm sure I can find something in the cupboard to do though!
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