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My first exploding box card

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  • My first exploding box card

    Well, it is okay. I sure have a crick in my neck from making it.

    Here it is, finished...well, basically finished:

    It's acceptable looking, but not on close inspection.

    Here it is, glued up and flat...the directions I had did not say to only put the tape and glue on the bottom of the SMALLER pieces and glue that to the next size up...that would have been a good thing to know/do!!


    So naturally I started with the largest piece. Put on the double sided tape right up to the edges of the center square...duh...the next piece does not GO that far. What a dunderhead am I. Did the same thing again, then had to peel back the sides to fold them up.

    The directions said to fold them up after gluing. I think it would have been better (for me) to do it before.


    See the bit of tape and the ever present smudge of trademark, apparently.

    SO, damage control...I sprinkled on a little of my spiffy Martha Stewart glitter I got for half price:


    After tapping off the excess, it looked much better.

    Okay, so I'm thinking that I should even decorate the sides before gluing it all together??

    It took so long to measure it all out and score it...I have trouble getting the scoring in place - often slightly over from where it should be...

    Then cutting - omigosh. I couldn't do it in my paper cutter, so did it with hand wobbles, obviously. So tried to straighten the wobbles out with my craft knife which I am scared of. Well, I don't do much better with that...made one edge even wobblier. Crikey.

    Okeedokee. I think I should take the smallest piece, fold up the sides, and with a pencil, very lightly trace it where it should be placed on the middle one - how does that sound to y'all? Then do the same with the middle piece, to the big bottom. (heh heh)

    Then tape and glue the small bottom, and stick it to the middle piece. Then those to the big piece.What say you??

    Also, the 3 pages of the box are wonky dimensions to make them graduated, and then you have to measure in specific wonky dimensions to score was all very confusing.

    I'll give it some thought and try to change the measurements to make it simpler, but it'll take years. I feel a headache coming on...

    Okay, it occurs to me (after the fact - of course) that I should measure and make a piece of card that is the amount to measure, for scoring, and just use it, not try to figure it out from each ruler point. God I'm slow...
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    Looks GREAT :-) and those minuscule blemish's are what make handmade cards handmade I just like to see them as unexpected crafting solo's where you go slightly off track

    Loving the instructions as well might have to give it a go !

    Let us see the finished product though please
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      Thanks! As I said, upon close inspection, you can see that the three sheets are not lined up properly...but yes, as you said, the charm of hand made.

      As soon as I finish my grilled cheese with bacon sam, i am back out there to decorate it...but not sure just what i'll do. I didn't buy any patterned paper. I'll just root around in my scarp box and see what's there. But what to put in the very center?? Something three dimensional.
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        Bloomineck Susan you're whizzing along with your new creations!
        The box looks fantastic, well done!
        You said you've not got any patterned paper... do you have any wrapping paper? you could use that, i find its cheaper and you get loads unlike the proper patterned paper

        The mention of a bacon n cheese butty is making me tummy go nuts, i'm waiting for the chippy to open for pudding, chips, curry n rice!

        Mandy x
        Mandy x


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          I thought pudding meant dessert.

          Yes, I have TONS of wrapping paper - everyone in my family knows not to tear open their presents... =)


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            You can get templates for exploding boxes and it makes it sooooooooo much easier...Decorating them before assembly is vital for your sanity ...they are so impressive when completed well done!

            Templates???? Why didn't someone tell me BEFORE??? So I guess just google 'exploding box templates'...going to do it now...
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              Originally posted by cosmic grammie View Post
              I thought pudding meant dessert.

              Yes, I have TONS of wrapping paper - everyone in my family knows not to tear open their presents... =)
              Not if its from the chippy... twas lovely by the way!
              Mandy x


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                Originally posted by Mandy66 View Post
                i'm waiting for the chippy to open for pudding, chips, curry n rice!Mandy x
                Okay, so I went to Wikipedia and read what pudding offense, of course...or did you have vegan? =0


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                  That looks great Susan - a good start and I am sure it will look terrific when completed with all the decorations.

                  You are really embracing your new adventures in cardmaking and crafting!! Well done you.
                  Ali x

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                    I think it looks fab too, it's always so much easier to put yourself down though isnt it? Have you decorated it yet?!


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                      Love the glitter covering it all up! There are always ways and means to hide the odd smudgy gluey mark!
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