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  • Marvy!

    Is Marvy a good brand for paper punches, and will a paper punch also be good enough for cutting foil?

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    I haven't come across Marvy punches but they are a pretty well respected brand imho.

    As for cutting foil it'll depend on how thick the foil is, a common tip for sharpening punches is to punch tin foil (the type you use in the kitchen) so that thickness shouldn't be a problem at all and will keep the punch sharp to boot
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      I'm getting really muddled - looked at too many unches and don't know which way is up anymore - okay, so on Amazon I have found nesting punch set...but it appears to be just one size...I want to punch out my round jar top labels (candles) and simply need to punch out a 1.5 inch circle. Too too much to choose from. nothing is simple. Ugh.


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        Can heartily recommend EK success punches...simple, sturdy and does what it says on the can.

        You could of course opt for buying die cut circles by the bucketload from ebay or one of the websites that sell die cut shapes.


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          I got an EK circle punch and am about to use it. I also got a star.

          Okay, i got Tulip brand fabric paints - one each of glitter, metallic, and puff. THEY SPIT!!! There I am, squeezing the paint along the edge, and suddenly an air bubble bursts out of the tube and splatters the paint far and wide!!! I mean, I am doing the paint to cover up I'll have to glue on some glitter to cover up paint spatters...where will it end!!??

          Okay, I have the self-healing cutting mat, a rotary cutter, an x-acto craft knife with extra blades, some cardstock but not as heavy as I would idea what it is, though...some great glue that is acid free and archival quality for fine art papers (granted, I am not there yet), a fiskars paper cutter, some new scissors, some decorative edge scissors (kinda cheap but okay for now, while learning), a large sized corner rounder, a nifty metal ruler, two bone folders, adhesive dots, adhesive thingies to raise a picture up, double sided tape...Martha Stewart tinsel glitter and glitter glue, so what else do I need?

          What kind of ink and ink pad do I need for edges, and should I get some markers of some sort? I'm not going to be coloring stamped designs or anything. Just decorating edges.