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Printing on to card fronts

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  • Printing on to card fronts

    I am having problems with my printer, I wish to print onto card for the front greeting, my printer keeps jamming with the card.
    I wish to streamline the way I make wedding stationary and make the whole process faster and less time comsuming it get very frustrating and the amount of card wasted is too high at the moment which eats into my profit margine ....
    I have tried peel offs although great again too time consuming, I am not very good at heat emboossing
    would appreciate any tips .....

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    Have you tried stamping? They are very versatile and you can use different colour inks to offer variety. You can get the stamps in one whole phrase or in letters - I have used the letter before and they look good. A word of warning about using printers though. I made some invites for a friend and the samples I showed her were all hand stamped but when I came to make up the actual cards I copied the stamped print onto the computer (using a scanner) and manipulated it to print onto cards. I left it to the last minute and the printed ones weren't very good at all - I really wish I had hand stamped them even though it would have been very time consuming. The hand stamped ones looked very professional but the printed ones didn't. I think my friend was a bit disappointed too - I won't use the computer to print cards now as I don't think that it looks good. Saying that though I have seen some that look good!! This will probably confuse you more!!
    As to what to do about your printer I can't offer any advice as I am not very technical - sorry!!
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      Thanks for the advice.
      I will give it a go ....


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        printing greetings

        when i make wedding stationery i will often use printed wording on them as i think it looks far more professional than using peel off stickers. when i first tried it i also had a few problems but found that by only putting in about 5 cards in the paper holder at a time i didnt have any problems. mine seemed to jam whenever i put in loads of cards. If you take a look at my wedding stationery website the ones called copper dream are the ones i made for my daughters wedding which were all printed in copper colour ink. she was over the moon with them.
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          You can also usually select what you're printing onto as different surfaces will have different drying times etc. For instance, on my printer I click on 'preferences' and then I have a drop down menu of what I'm printing - there is an option for cardstock. But again, just put a few sheets into the feeder - it might take a little longer but at least you're not wasting valuable card!

          Personnally, I agree with Swirly - the hand stamped effect is always really nice and it always looks more hand finished


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            What type of printer are you using? I have both a laser printer and an inkjet printer. The laser printer does not print well onto textured card but the ink jet works well as the ink literally seeps into the card. I only ever put single sheets of card in at once - time consuming but no wastage. Also make sure if you have printing preferences in your printer menu select the right type of card.


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              It might depend on the type of card, how thick it is etc. and also the type of printer. My current printer has problems with glossy photo card, although my last printer (which was cheaper and gave a poorer quality finish) had no prblems with it!

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                Hi, I print all my own stationery on an inkjet printer. I am currently using an epson one which prints on card upto 300gsm thick, it usually needs a bit of a shove to take it through but so far no card has actually jammed in the printer. Prior to this I had a hewlett packard, the print quality was great but the card had to do a u turn to travel through the printer so frequently jammed. The epson ones take card through on a straight path.

                I personally think cards look more professional when printed rather than using stickers, theres loads of great fonts around and its really easy to adjust the colour to suit the design.

                Hope this helps


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                  I work in a craft shop where we sell card blanks and alot of people want to print on them.
                  The best type of printer to use (from my experience) is an Inkjet printer that feeds from the top- as this means the card is not pulled about too much. You can get these (e.g. Lexmark) really cheaply in Tesco etc.. for about £20 including ink.


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                    Thank you all for your great adivce a new top loading printer is on its way..
                    So we will see how that works.
                    Thanks all your all a great help.


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                      Hi I am also interested to know about this! when you print on the card do you use black ink? or can you get metalic colours?

                      Thanks Katie


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                        From my experience you can't get metallic ink. You can use any colour you like though if you have a colour printer. To get a shiny finish on your text i print onto pearlised card but you have to leave it for a few hours to dry properly.
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                          which printer

                          I am new to the forum...hi everyone

                          I was reading this thread about printers and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good printer.

                          I have been using an epson photo R300 and found this to be really good for the purpose although I did have to manually push the card stock into the printer; however it has now broken and I have bought a Laxmark which is not as good at taking the thickness of card....can anyone suggest a good printer for taking thick card stock which also offers good print quality??


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                            have you tried your own hand writing, although you have to have a steady hand - its way cheaper and can look just as good!..
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                              I used the letter before and they look good. A word of warning about the use of printers, however. I made some calls from a friend and I showed him the samples were all hand stamped, but when I got to make up the actual card we copied print stamped on your computer.
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