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  • Sizzix Big Shot machine

    I have just purchased the Sizzix Big Shot machine (should be arriving today, yay ) and am now looking at dies. There is such a massive range I am getting myself quite confused! My understanding is that Sizzlits are the little ones(?), and Bigz are big :P

    And they can all be used with the Big Shot apparently - do I need extra components? My machine comes with standard cutting pads and multi-purpose platform, is there anything else I need with it?

    I'm particularly keen on getting some Alphabet dies but I'm confused by how some say they include 4 dies, some 9, some 36 etc... what is the difference? Are the ones with only 4 dies smaller, or just include a few letters?

    I want to get a particular Sizzlits decorative strip die (can't post the link yet). But it seems to be quite thin. How do people stick down the cut outs? Bit worried about using glue with thin paper as it will probably go soggy, but it looks like it will be a massive pain trying to stick down with double-sided tape. Any help much appreciated, thanks
    Cathy xx


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    Have a look on the UK Sizzix website - if you google Sizzix it will come up - as this will give you an idea of sizes and what goes with what. I have the original red machine so cannot use the Bigz dies with mine as my machine is not big enough, but I don't know what extras you will need. The Sizzix website should help!


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      How about tying a Pritt stick glue to stick down thin stuff.

      I just got my Big Shot last week and i got some Cuttlebug embossing folders at a great price off Ebay ;o)

      Mandy x
      Mandy x


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        I have a big shot and don't know how I ever lived without it...

        Basic things you will need...
        cutting plates - your machine will come with multi purpose platform and one set...I would advise you buy a spare set of cutting plates and if you want to do border strips you will need extended cutting plates too.
        Embossing mats - you will definitely need these and I would advise getting small and larger saves time
        Crease pad- many of the dies, especially those with folds, require the use of premium crease agony later and pick one of these up...especially if you find them in sales/offers
        Dies & Embossing folders- check out Sizzix website - sign up for their newsletter so you get advance notice of sales and offers and check out their clearance section for any bargains.

        Alphabet sets... they come in different formats depending on how many letters are on each die.

        Sticking down smaller elements -there are several options including adhesive sheets, running them through a sticker maker such as Xyron, using glue dots, tape runners, extra tacky clear really have to experiment a bit as so much depends on the quality and type of paper/card you are using.

        Difference in sizzlits and bigz is that sizzlits are thin dies and designed to cut paper...often one sheet at a time.
        Bigz dies will cut just about anything...paper, cardstock, metal, felt and fabric etc...although on thicker medium you may have to run it through more than once.

        Bigshot is compatible with most dies on the market and is great with nesties...

        Play around with your machine when it arrives and see what you can will be amazed...and delighted.



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          with regards to glue etc....maybe try the stick and stay spray adhesive by crafters companion, one thing with that is that it doesnt stick to glitter card very well but apart from that its ok and gives edge to edge coverage.
          Pinflair glue gel is also very good it sticks pretty much everything to anything, you can use it as a flat glue or a 3d glue for decoupage etc and it dries completely clear :-)
          Hope ive been helpful x


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            Wow everyone, thank you! That's all really helpful. Apparently my machine has been signed for so it should be coming to me from the post room any moment now

            I've been onto the Sizzix site and seen lots in their clearance section that I want so will be getting onto that and ordering straight away! Will need to do some experimenting with glueing as I only have glue dots and PVA at the moment.

            I'm so excited at the prospect of being able to die-cut fabric as well, I was a bit worried about the cost of the machine but it does seem like I will be getting lots of use out of it. Where is the best place to get cheap dies apart from the Sizzix sale, I've had a brief look on eBay but haven't seen much.
            Cathy xx



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              It really depends on what you want as to the best place to look. Sizzix do a mega sale after Xmas...silly silly prices and it gets so busy the website crashes under the strain. Best bet is to search for the dies you want and check out the websites that come up. Last clicks on QVC can bring up a bargain or two every now and then (recently picked up a 3x bigz dies bundle for £14) otherwise its a matter of keeping your eyes peeled.


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                I love my Big Shot and after 4 years still keep finding new uses for it.

                There are a few dies you will find very useful -

                Tags (any size and shape)
                Frames the old Originals (try Ebay) have Combo's of squares, rectangles and circles and there are lots of others too
                Hearts in different sizes
                Stars in different sizes
                Alphabets & Numbers (have a look at Cuttlebug too)
                Embossing folders (both Sizzix & Cuttlebug)

                I find the best place for cheap dies is Ebay. When looking for dies for making embellishments think about what sort of things you usually use and the materials they are made of. I love making cards with fabric embellishments so I tend to buy the thicker dies which can cope with fabric stuck onto card.

                I stick fabric & felt onto card before die cutting with double sided adhesive sheets - iron the fabric, put some of the adhesive sheet onto card, remove the second paper sheet & then with the fabric wrong side up just place the card sticky side down on the fabric, then get die cutting. For smaller items try double sided tape.

                I also use my Xyron sticker maker a lot for sticking die cuts - mainly cos its faff free.

                Have lots of fun!! Its addictive, makes time dissappear and can once you have the dies etc can save you loads of cash.
                JOIAS DESIGNS


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                  Another Big-Shotter... welcome to the world of the diecutting and embossing addiction!!!

                  I usually manage to grab a few Sizzix bargains on Ebay, my favourite places for buying are:




                  As for Big Shot essentials, then I'd recommend:

                  * Multipurpose platform and cutting mats

                  * Decorative strip (extended) cutting mats

                  * Sizzlit Alphabet Set (35 dies) - lots of fonts available

                  * Tag dies - ideal for gift tags and as base for toppers

                  * Embossing folders - you can use Papermania, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, Crafts Too

                  For sticking diecuts I absolutely love my Xyron X510 Creative Station as you can use it for so many different things, laminated, mangetic, adhesive, etc

                  Also my Xyron X150 sticker maker for smaller diecuts

                  The most important piece of advise I have for you though is to EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT!!!! Just have a play and see what you can do