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    Hiya, anyone have any good sites they regulary go to to download free background papers etc?

    I have used a few like madabout cards (brill site) they have even started to sell in bulk.
    Cant remember the others but let me know what you use as im always on the hunt for new stuff.
    Lisa. xx

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    I've pm'd you with a link
    Blog Website Flickr


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      oooooooo ta wondered wot pm was but then scroled up. il get used to this site sooer or later )
      Lisa. xx


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        I've always wondered about downloading backing papers but thought it would be more expensive to do it this way with the inks involved. Do you find it cost effective?
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          i guess so but i dont really have a really good craft shop near me. im in croydon and the nearest and best in the craft barn in lingfield.

          Smiths have got a few bits as too have sussex stationers but very limited. sometimes its easier to make or download and print from home. saves going out and spending too much lol.

          I tend to use them more at christmas. had some fab ones from Madaboutcards.
          Lisa. xx


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            That's enough plugs for them.


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              enough plugs for who? have i said something i shouldnt have done?
              Lisa. xx


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                Not unless you're repping for madabout cards!


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                  noop! just love their site and wanted to share. that is ok isnt it?
                  I only make my cards for a hobby, i wouldnt know where to start selling mine and i know i know there is a section on here but im too scared of all the tax business etc etc. would rather stick to what i know for now.

                  I work for the government not a craft site, although I wouldnt mind.

                  I only mentioned it cause I thought thats the whole idea of a craft site is to share info with people.
                  Lisa. xx


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                    hehehehehehe im now a moderate crafter - lol better than a junior. reminds me of the post im working in now. Im lower than what I deserve lol.

                    Anyway Im just on a passing through so Il chat to you soon.

                    Take care peter.

                    Lisa. xx


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                      If you sign up on they send you monthly free downloadable backing papers, I've purchased a few items off her too. Shes really friendly.
                      Deanne x

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                        There are loads of Digital Scrapbooking sites that offer free downloads. is just one example. You can buy the designers kits for a few dollars (they are almost always US sites) as well, they are all very talented. I am an advocate of buying downloads too rather than just surfing for freebies as I know how long it takes to design backing papers!
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                          cheers girls will have a good nose when i get the chance xxxx
                          Lisa. xx


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                            Has anyone tried cannons site they do printable scrapbook paper. which i use for my cards. they do alot of other printable stuff.

                            cannon creative park

                            cant post link soz


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                              aw cheers millymolly, just had a quick sneek at your response. not got the time today as I should be making my friends wedding card so I will save it to my faves and have a good ol snoop another time.
                              Lisa. xx