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Hi, new here with a question.

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  • Hi, new here with a question.

    I have been making cards for around three weeks now and they are getting better and better. However, I still have the odd mistake and the cards do not look perfect. No one notices until I point it out to them but I see it I hate having spent so much time on a card to notice a stamp is a tiny bit smudged, or a topper isn't perfectly lined straight.

    If you sell cards do you make sure they are pretty perfect? If so, how on earth do you do it? If you were buying a card would you care if it wasn't perfect? I personally would not mind buying a card that wasn't perfect if it was hand made because to me that is what is so good about them but I can not help getting stressed out when I notice an imperfection on my cards.

    Anyway, this looks like a great place to get advice and talk to like minded people so I look forward to getting to know you better

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    from me! I am not a card making so can't offer any advice, just thought I'd say Hi! Lots of cardmakers around here though so won't be long before you get the advice you need!
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      to the forum.

      i don't make cards for sale anymore, but when I did, everything had to be perfect. If I wasn't 110% happy with it then I didn't sell it. I've still got a box full in the cupboard that just weren't right for sale. When I've been to craft fairs I do look a great deal at quality of cards and have seen some dreadful items on display for silly prices in the past. I'm one of those people that crafters hate ... I see all the smudged stamping and mis-aligned toppers lol. Although don't take that the wrong way, there's nothing wrong with having toppers placed on cards at an angle if that's the way you want it to go. But what i'm talking about is when you try and put it straight in the middle and it doesn't exactly go (had many of those myself in the past lol).

      You said you've only been cardmaking for 3 weeks, that's a very short period of time to expect perfection! Some of my attempts in first weeks were absolutely ghastly and i wouldn't have written on them for the dog nevermind give to someone or even worse sell them.

      All I can say is that we are our own worst critics .... if you're not happy with it how can you expect someone else to be?

      There are some beautiful hand made cards done by members of this forum. I would suggest that you take a look around, and make note of the quality of their work. Also get to know people on here, everyone is friendly.

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        Hi and welcome from me too. I've been making cards for a couple of years and still get the odd wobbly line or two. If people aren't noticing the little thngs that are wrong then i wouldn't worry, and after all they are hand made and one of a kind. I find it easier to get straight lines if i put my card on my cutting mat and line it up with the lines then lay a ruler over the top to follow the lines on the mat.

        I remember when i first started making cards and got really stressed if they didn't turn out how i wanted, but then we are our own worst critics.

        Hope your enjoying your new found hobby.

        Look forward to getting to know you.
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          I have been making cards now for about 5 years and trust me i still dont get them perfect. I belong to a few card forums and everyone is about the same and like someone once said on there if people wanted perfect made cards then they would go and buy one from a shop

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            hi ya.

            I know exactly what you mean. I too find faults (albeit small faults) with my cards. No one else notices. I used to have such a straight eye - dressmaking etc when I was younger, but nowadays I find that I put something on a card and find that it's slightly out.

            I wouldn't buy a card if I saw a fault in it, but that is me.

            my biggest critics will be 'friends and family' - I sent out my first two hand made cards last week (no mention yet from them) and two on their way today - hope to get some feedback.

            I have only been cardmaking 'scrapbooking too' for 4 weeks - well 5 I think it might be, I am getting better too.

            Above all, enjoy what you do, don't be too hard on yourself. relax.

            Best Wishes.



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              Hello and welcome to the forum.

              I don't make cards but I have to agree we are our own worst critics - however take a look at what they are selling in the shops - do you really think that mass produced tack is perfect - go on take a closer look - then you will see how great your cards really are.



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                Good Morning!
                I'm sure your cards are fine, you will have to post some piccies when you are allowed so we can have a see.
                I used to make cards but now i'm into jewellery.
                All i would say is that if i was buying a handmade card i wouldn't be put off by a slightly off topper or line, as long as it is a small one!
                The thing about it is i think it shows they are handmade and not done by 'robots' which is why people buy handmade afterall..


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                  to the forum!! I've been making cards for a few years now, only really selling to friends and family etc but I still like to make them as prefect as possible but sometimes things happen the way they happen. A few tiny little wobbley bits shouldn't make your cards look bad just individual, after all they're made by you and not a machine, and if no one notices then all the better. I'm sure your cards are nice as they are.
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                    I agree with what has already been said.

                    I do make cards to sell, and if they are not perfect then I won't offer them for sale. You wouldn't believe how fussy I am But I take a great deal of pride in what I offer, and have built up a reputation that I am proud of. I won't risk that by selling a card that isn't perfect. A good reputation is difficult to build up, it is extremely easy to build a bad one

                    I am sure your cards are lovely hun, I can't wait to see them

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                      I agree with what's been said before!
                      If its a little off centre then most people won't notice.

                      I'm really wicked at times I browse through cards at the supermarket to see what other people pick up and buy and then have a look at how much they'll spend on some mass produced tack that really does not say what they want, but its near enough so they buy that.

                      I've been doing a roaring trade at work and making personalised cards - have a look at my website (link should work below) as to what I make - usually toppers and embellishments but do make them into cards if thats what's required. Although one or two have not been totally perfect, its worked fine and everyone has been really thrilled that the card is totally unique and personalised.

                      So go for it!! What have you to loose??!!!


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                        Thank you there are a few cards that I really really love and I think would sell and they are not perfect so I have just decided to make more of them exactly the same way but spend longer on them to perfect them. I got peed off because I thought I wasted my time but I haven't really because now I have done the design and know I love it I can just copy it and do it better.

                        I could also use them as example cards as the mistakes are so tiny that it still shows the design of them.

                        I need more confidence, I have never been crafty, I always skipped my art classes because I was so bad at it so when I first decided to try card making I actually shocked myself that I have got a creative streak. Sometimes I look at them and think I have done a good job for someone who has never ever crafted, then other times I want to throw in the towel. Thankfully my partner supports me and reminds me that every hobby takes a long time to get right, and even the most experienced card maker will make mistakes eventually.

                        I need to move to a different room to make them, I have 4 small children and I currently make them in my living room and it is not unusual for a card to get a bit of mess on it when I put it down so I will start working in a child free room.

                        Sorry, I have waffled on as usual, I do tend to talk quite a bit

                        Thank you for your comments, I am going to enjoy it here.


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                          I make cards to sell and i sell the stuff to make cards so i advise a lot of people. generally customers dont notice the things that you notice that you think are not quite right. You are making and selling hand made cards so people generally do not expect them to be perfect. If they want a perfectly aligned card they can go to a regular card shop.

                          I have been making and selling my cards for about 4 years now and some of the fastest sellers have beeen the ones i have not been happy with because of them not being straight or a small smudge or such like, but they always sell because people say that shows they are handmade, and handmade doesnt mean perfect.

                          sorry if this doesnt sound quite right but am a bt squiffy after an evening with my sister and her problems and a couple two many drinks.
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                            I wouldn't sell a card unless I'm totally happy with it, but that's just me!


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                              Originally posted by samu2 View Post
                              Thank you there are a few cards that I really really love and I think would sell and they are not perfect so I have just decided to make more of them exactly the same way but spend longer on them to perfect them. I got peed off because I thought I wasted my time but I haven't really because now I have done the design and know I love it I can just copy it and do it better.
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                              I still have some of my early jewellery pieces and they make me cringe, but I wouldn't be at the point I'm at now without going through that learning process. I'm always tweaking, refining trying new colours etc and I hate making two of the same thing so I'd like to think, even though you may be buying something I sell a lot of (bunting for example), it's still a one-off and unique in it's way.
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