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My new website, please take a look!

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  • My new website, please take a look!

    Hi everyone,

    Just finished my new website, find it under my profile

    Please take a look and join my forum

    Comments welcome

    Thanks Donna xx
    Life is full of suprises and one of the is ME!

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    Had a peek, very nice site, and good photos!!!!!!
    Like the background colour of the site, unusual, in a good way...


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      Hello Donna
      Great site glad its up and running for you.
      My only suggestion is that under your 'products' section, if you make sub menus for different occasions, so its easier for people to navigate to the card occasion they wish to purchase!
      Only a suggestion, otherwise all great, love the colour scheme, and your cards are great.
      Deanne x

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        Hi Donna,

        Really lovely site the colours all work well together.

        Just spotted a little typo on your home page though. It says have a enjoyable time, I think it should be an enjoyable time but site excellent!!

        Well done.


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          Hi Donna,

          Hope you don't mind me saying the following.

          lost/damaged deliveries - i don't think it's good having a catergory for this on your home page as it draws peoples attention which could lead them to thinking it happens often. I would put it in you T&C's together with your contact details etc.

          Card catergory - i don't think this part is benefitial to your site as it's the same list as is under 'products' and it gets confusing as you can't click on a topic to take you to the card you want to look at. Same goes for your product catergory, i didn't realise that the cards were under the list as i couldn't see them on my screen. Might be best to have sub catergories which you click on to take you to the type of cards you'd like to view.

          Your cards are lovely and at a good price and i'm sure they will sell well, even better if your site is a bit easier to navigate.

          Good luck with your site and remember this is just my personal opinion others may dissagree.
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            Hi everyone,

            Thanks for the comments, ive tried my best to update the site as i have took on board some of your suggestions, please take another look at the site and see what u think

            Many Thanks

            Donna xxx
            Life is full of suprises and one of the is ME!



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              Hi Donna

              You've been busy, but it looks much better IMHO.
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                I liked your cards, I think they are probably very saleable.

                These are my observations and they are nit pickie, but there are two spelling mistakes. 1) in 'about us' you say finicial I think this should read financial, 2) your say quries under your 'home' intro I think this read queries.

                Also as I a customer I would find it quite frustrating that you have all these card catagories listed but you can't click on them to come across a sub catagory. I think this has been mentioned already but I wanted to say it again because I think it would be helpful to have links set up, or alteratively loose the list.

                You may disagree, I'm no expert just looking at from a buyer pov.
                Good luck with the site.


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                  Hi i have been looking at your site, it looks very nice but i think the fact you dont have sub menus for the different kinds of cards could let you down, i didnt realise that the pictures were below the list as i couldnt see them on my screen.

                  Good luck with it i hope you sell loads!!!!
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                    Hi everyone thanks for the comments,

                    I cant seem how to do sub catergories so i am going to create a page for each theme, unless anyone else knows how to work the mr site technogoly. My site is under construction at the moment.

                    Anyone help me please reply to this post

                    Thank Donna xx
                    Life is full of suprises and one of the is ME!



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                      You can create subcategories because I have done it using Mr Site before...just can't remember how

                      Oh, hold on...go on to "Add extra features to your site" or something similar, then you have a "Create or update a sub menu" option.

                      Just create your "Handmade Cards" Page, then create sub menus relating to that Does that help?

                      Jules x
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