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Rubbing Stamping, please helpppp???

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  • Rubbing Stamping, please helpppp???

    Hi everyone,

    Has some of you know i am in the process of setting up my card making online business and was wandering about doing cards with stamping.

    Can anyone tell me where i can get cheap wooden stamps in bulk, ive looked on ebay but most people only sell a few and theres no bulk items on there! I'm looking for the wording of each card selection and a couple of flower designs etc....

    Any help will do many thanks Donna xx
    Life is full of suprises and one of the is ME!

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    Don't know if you'll get many answers on a weekend Donna. They're all out getting plastered!


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      I would have a look for dovecraft value wooden stamps. I stock them but as they are only £1 each a lot are sold out. If you have a look at them to see if they are what you are after then I'm sure if you google you should come accross more.

      Hope this helps.
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        I've just had my first order from, they're brill value acrylic stamps, so easy to use and they've got sets with all the main words in. I'll be having a go with them in the next few days on my blog.


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          Hi everyone thanks for your reply's most appreicated xx
          Life is full of suprises and one of the is ME!


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            Hi Donna,

            I've just seen your post and I can supply you with rubber stamps. It might be a good idea to pm me and I can tell you want is available. I am about to import rubber stamps from the States and I will have an exclusive on them.