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Sizzix Sidekick, anyone know how thick the card can be?

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  • Sizzix Sidekick, anyone know how thick the card can be?

    I took out a subscription to a papercraft mag and as a gift, was sent the Sizzix Sidekick.

    It arrived on Friday last and I had a great time playing with it. I also bought some more dies, including an extended Alphabet die.
    I thought it was a great little machine! Chuffed to bits.

    On Saturday, my daughter used it to cut out some alphabet letters. What I didn't know was that she was using two thicknesses of a fairly sturdy card.

    The whole thing jammed in the middle: the die, the plates, the card, everything. There was the most awful 'crack' - bear in mind that the machine does make cracking sounds anyway, but this was a big crack -and when I loosened the machine off its suction plate I could hear a rattle inside.

    Could we get that die and plates out, could we heck as like. In the end, my husband eased, teased and shuffled the die 'sandwich' out, having first having had to put the machine in the vice on his workbench. It took all his not inconsiderable strength to wiggle and jiggle the sandwich out, bit by bit, and it took him almost an hour. He has managed to save the die and cutting plates.

    The Sidekick is broken, and I am livid, truly livid, with my daughter. I thought she'd read the instructions: she hadn't: it clearly states that it cuts one sheet of paper or lightweight cardstock at a time.

    Does anyone out there know the maximum recommended weight of card which can be cut?

    I use card up to 260 gsm, depending on what I'm making ( and what I'm going the charge for it!!)

    I have taken out a subscription to a sister magazine - good job I like both mags, innit -and will be receiving another Sidekick as a gift. This way, the dies I've bought won't be wasted.

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    Lucky you took out another mag with the same offer. It is a bone of contention in our house - nobody and I mean NOBODY else reads instructions, only me......could be because they're two boys and a bloke... - don't know what this smilie is doin, but it's what i want to do to them.


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      Originally posted by Primmers View Post
      Does anyone out there know the maximum recommended weight of card which can be cut?

      I use card up to 260 gsm, depending on what I'm making ( and what I'm going the charge for it!!)
      I have the normal Sizzix machine and use card upto 260gm in it, but only one sheet at a time as I dread it breaking. The only time I would get a few cuts at the same time by folding the sheet over is if using vellum or paper.

      A general rule of thumb is if you can't easily move the sliding plate before cutting then don't cut!! Foam is the only exception to this!

      Hope this helps and good luck with the new machine - ban your daughter!


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        I am thinking of buying myself a Sizzix or Ellison machine and also stocking them. I would be really grateful for any feedback on these machines and dies before I make the decision. I have seen them demonstrated and was amazed but I would like some info from 'real crafters' rather than people that work for the company.


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          Sizzix Machine

          I have a Sizzix machine - had it for about 2.5 years and use it virtually every day. I have a lot of Sizzix original dies: red (large), yellow (medium) and green (small) but generally use the 'people' ones and their accessories (have a look at my website and you'll see what I mean and also the range of dies that I have). To use these dies you don't need any additional equipment. These dies are great - some I have used thousands of times and still cut great!

          To use the Sizzix Sizzlets (these are thinner red dies and usually come in groups of 4) and the Ellison (same as Sizzlets but green) you will need a system convertor (around £10) which is, in essence, a large magnet which fits to the pressure plate of the machine. These dies are good but I don't think they would last as long as the original dies as they are thinner and don't cut particularly well through thick card. But they are good all the same!

          I also use Cuttlebug and Quickutz dies - the Quickutz are a lot thinner and on a first look I thought wondered how they would cut card! But they do (although you need the system convertor and an adaptor (around £1)) and they are really dinky designs! I have a fairy set - tiara and wand - and should not be used if you've had a glass or two of wine as its all thumbs!!

          But overall, I would certainly recommend the Sizzix machine - mine is the orginal red one - they have since brought out a newer version which, personally, looks a bit on the plastic side and not as robust.

          You can pick up the dies quite easily - generally through ebay or do a google search for sizzix dies and a pile of retailers will show up - shop around for the cheapest as you can pay over the odds.

          Hope all this helps! If you need any more advice you can always PM me!


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            Thanks to everyone: I thought that 260gsm might be the limit. I haven't been around too much ( looking after my poorly mum) and so am now catching up.

            My new Sidekick hasn't yet arrived, but is promised for next week. Daughter has promised never to touch it al all, ever again.

            I went to my local craft shop today to cut myself some die-cuts on their Big Shot machine. It's OK but it needs new plates: the acrylic ones they have for you to use are very deeply scored and I found that it was marking the card.

            They do try really hard and have a craft room above the shop: the owner does provide papers and cardstock, stamps, punches, the Xcut guillotine and paper trimmer etc., and provided you are either a member or spend £3.00 in her shop, the use of the room and equipment is free.

            I can't wait now for my new Sidekick as I Have Plans.


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              I also use the Cuttlebug stuff in my red sizzix, it works just fab!!!


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                Hi all,

                I work in a craft shop. We sell the sidekick (which i also own one of) and it is great it will cut virtually anything- BUT we got some new ones in stock recently and we had three returned broken because they cannot cut anything thicker then paper. I'm thinking Sizzix/ Ellison must have changed the design.

                Bought the big shot recently and have had no probs at all- great product!!


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                  Sizzix Sidekick

                  Hi sorry to hear about the sidekick. The Sizzix sizzlit dies are only designed to take a piece of card 240 microns thick. This usually equates to 200-240gsm card. after that the card wont sit into the cuttout of the die and makes the sandwich too thick, unfortunatly built to a price in china the plastic parts cannot take the preasure and go pop. If you want to cut thicker material you will need a bigger die cutter and use the red/yellow/green (sizzix) /blue (ellison) dies. These will cut up to 5mm thick materials.

                  Good Luck
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                    Thanks, GoK.
                    I spoke to the publishers of the mag about this, as the more I thought about it the more I realised that it shouldn't have gone pop.
                    They have agreed to replace the machine.
                    In the meantime, the other Sidekick has arrived and is working perfectly well.
                    It looks as if I will have two, then - I shall just use one for now and if it does break down I do have the other.
                    Sorry for late reply, by the way, I've been on my jolly holidays.


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                      I know I few peeps who's Sizzix Sidekicks broke, the Ellison tag-a-long is supposed to be sturdier. Since Sizzix have done their re-branding I'm not sure if the new Sidekick is any better?!

                      IMO the Sizzlits aren't the best dies anyway, they didn't always cut in my Sizzix (though they work fine in my BigShot) and the cut isn't always 100% clean.