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  • Printer for Textured Card

    Can anyone recommend a good printer that can handle textured card - hammer, linen and Bazzill textures. I have a Laser jet Printer which only prints in black and an Ink jet which prints colour. However I am finding that the Ink jet seems to smudge a lot.

    Is it the card I am using or do I need a more spe******ed printer that can handle textured cards?

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    Have you tried adjusting your paper options and speed/quality in the printer options? worth a try before investing in a new one.
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      Hi, I print on textured card all the time using my epson printer, it is a r800. It has a ****ie fit every so often and wont take the card if its 300gsm but a quick push and it goes through. Before this one I had a Hewlett Packard, that never had any problem printing onto textured card either, but they arent very good at taking really good quality card because it has to do a U turn going through the printer.
      I dont print on bazzill much but it will print on it (though not the bazzill bling).
      I know laser printers wont print on textured card (I tried at the last place I worked) the toner just smudges everywhere.
      Hope thats some help.


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        General info - Printer for textured card

        Most desktop printers struggle to feed a thick card (over 180 gsm), as these card stocks are too stiff to feed through the rolling mechanism.
        The top feeders generally will feed thicker cardstock as the paper/card does not have to roll back on itself (turn over 90 degrees as opposed to 360 degrees). However there are a few tricks you can use to help the paper feed.

        1) Pinch the feed end of the paper/card, or press with a ruler/hard surface to try to sharpen the feed end of the paper (This will enable the printer to get a good grip on the card)

        2) Roll the first quarter of the card stock gently and feed the card into the printer in the same direction as the roll of the printer feed.

        This works for me on my HP C4500 - probably the worst paper feed printer I have ever purchased - COME ON HP its time to give the crafters a printer for crafting.

        Hope this Helps


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          The old HP printers were better. I had an HP 850 which took ANYTHING for 15 good years but I was unable to find another HP that would take card. I had an Epson which refused to take any card (despite being told it would by a geek in PC World ) but I now have a canon Pixma which does take thick card (including textured). I have also heard the Canon IP range does too. not sure about other Epsons. I think printers designed for photos usually take a wider range of media.