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  • Handmade cards for sale

    Hi all,

    I am looking to sell my handmade cards, as i now have over 700 of them and they do take up loads of space.

    Does anyone know of a shop, or own a shop and would like to buy in bulk to sell them. The greeting cards range from birthdays, anniversaries, new baby, new home, valentines and loads more besides.

    I'd be open to offers, but wasn't planning on seling them too deer anyway, so that whoever sells them can get a profit.

    If you can help or know someone who can, please message me.

    I also have loads of different card making supplies, if anyone would be interested in anything specific i may be able to help.

    I'm not going to stop making cards altogether, but my jewellery has taken off now and, a i need space for it, b i need to sell some of my other hobbies to raise funds for it, and c, i haven't been able to sell many at craft fairs lately.

    Thanks in advance


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    what sort of card making supplies have you got ?? and what are the prices ?


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      Hi sunrise

      I have loads of different things, card blanks & envelopes, a5 and a4 card, self adhesive toppers, backing papers and materials naming a few.

      if you let me knwo what things you are after, i can fish them out and give you a price.



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        not after anything in particular but always on the look out for a bargain lol
        I know its a busy time of year but when you get round to taking photos and sorting out prices give me a shout and I'll take a look


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          cool, i'll try and do that this week and will message you with them


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            Originally posted by gemmaslittletreasures View Post
            cool, i'll try and do that this week and will message you with them

            Hi Gemma

            Would be grateful if you could also include me in the PM - spesh about card-making supplies, not the cards though.

            Many thanks

            One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!

            Twitter: @jillspain


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              i maybe interested in some wedding and christening cards if you have any. I'm not looking for huge quantites, just looking for some to pop in with candle orders.

              Eternal Flame Candles

              Hand Made in Scotland


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                Please be aware of the Forum Rules when offering items for sale - the rules can be found here -