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Cardmaking class update - success!

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  • Cardmaking class update - success!

    Hi all,

    just a quick update on our cardmaking classes in N.Ireland - last week we had seven people at the class, including two new ones, and out of the blue, a photographer from the local paper appeared!! Not sure how, but we are getting some photos in the paper as a local interest story.... maybe we will be turning them away at the door at this rate (i wish...)

    anyway, just shows, slow and steady is working for us so far..

    Louise x
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    Wow, that's great! Glad it's goin well. How long have you been up and running? What do you do at the classes (or is that just too obvious!?).
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      Hi there,
      I'm so pleased that this has turned round for you!
      I hope it goes from strenght to strength. If you find out how that photographer came to turn up do let me know, I could do with something like that!!
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        Hope it goes from strength to strength for you.
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          Hi again - this is our second set of six week classes - before we ran them in our local church hall for four saturdays in a row.... the saturday classes were really people we knew coming to support us, whereas when we moved to the community hall type place, its been 'strangers' or new customers, as in people who saw our posters instead of my mums friends supporting us!! I did contact the local paper to see how much advertising cost, and one of the community hall committee members emailed the paper with a paragraph to tell them about our classes, but no one actually asked for a photographer... so that was a real stroke of luck!

          We bring all our own stock for people to pick and choose from, my sister designs a few cards each week for people to follow from or they just do their own thing, and then i set up my 'shop' at the back of the room in the hope that people will then be inspired to buy stuff from us, thus boosting our sales! Usually they will buy something at a few pounds each - theres no millionaires in this business is there???

          hope this answers the questions..

          louise x

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