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  • Motivation

    It's the first of November already!!

    Only 53 days until Santa arrives!!

    Less than a month to get all of our Christmas cards and gifts made and posted, as well as orders and stock for craft fairs.

    Busy busy busy!!

    I've woke up this morning feeling very motivated for Christmas crafting... so much so I've just put a Christmas CD on while I craft to keep me in the mood so I hopefully get plenty done today

    How does everyone else motivate themselves for the festive season?

    Love Laura xxx

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    Motivation is coming into our house too lol.

    My son is putting up the Christmas tree already so its out of the way with the Cororners Inquest on 25th for his dad, Christmas music blaring away....

    My motvation comes from having spent the last month helping ot decorate the childrens Santas Grotto in our local market by painting murals on the windows and watching my fave films like Polar Express, miracle on 34th Street and Santa Claus the movie.

    Hmmmm when I finish on here have m last Stickler to knit then have a giant snowman to make and some snowballs for the Festival of Past times and local craft fair..

    Busy busy busy

    Glad you feeling so much happier shug too Hoping things are ok and improving..

    Merry Christmas

    "Mother Nature is a crafter, a therapist, and a small business on a large scale.. she presents us with an abundance of opportunities and it's up to us how we use them in our lives "


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      I don't motivate i just think $hit its almost xmas and start to panic make
      Mandy x


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        Have made 10 christmas cards today and have been working on a shabby chic style banner but had to stop cos the kids were being less than helpful. They are off to bed in a min so I think a christmas cd sounds like a brill idea to get me back in the mood!


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          Did you get much done Laura?

          I have got a CD called "motivated and enthusiastic" it is a subliminal CD so all you can hear is lovely relaxing music but there are lots of affirmations which you dont consciously hear which are supposed to go straight into your sub-conscious mind! It sounds a bit wacky but it does seem to work - when Im motivated enough to put it on lol!


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            Yesterday morning started off really positive - finished and wraopped a couple of presents, made a few cards then...

            By mid afternoon yesterday my brain had gone into meltdown and I don't think it's recovered yet. Lay in bed awake all night last night, ended up getting back up int the early hours and trying to craft as I was full of ideas again by then but none of them works, so I gave up!!

            Am shattered now so hopefully an early night will sort me out


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              Gosh you're all so organised. . I dont think about Christmas decorations, wrapping presents or Christmas music til December. I think I'm all wrapped up in realising I may have missed the boat this year for craft fairs (my first christmas trying to sell my craft work). Only 2 events to go to so far. Maybe I'll try the music its always happy.




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                Good Luck!
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                  I've got rid of a lot of tasks on my "To Do" list, so I'm feeling quite refreshed, positive and ready to tackle the next lot of upcoming tasks

                  Only 43 days til christmas now, so excited!!


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                    I made a to do list and got rif of it very quickly. Well to be honest I lost it in all the paperwork on my desk and can't remember what I put on it.

                    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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                      Craft fair wise I'm feeling really organised at the moment but with regards to our own cards and gifts for Christmas and just "life" in general I am sooooo disorganised and lacking motivation!!!

                      Need a kick start I think!!! lol


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                        Laura you need to think to yourself - "Right!! i WILL get meself sorted and organised" Just think how much happier you will feel knowing that you've got stuff done well in advance, for me just to get a couple of xmas cards done and out of the way makes me feel tons better and i'm not so pressured to get them all done in one mass card making sesh!

                        Today between fiffing about on here and faffing around the house i've only made 2 cards but its 2 cards less to make and i've written out all the box cards, they're the ones i buy in those boxes for people i dont really know that well - relatives on his side, but its a job i hate and now its done and dusted!
                        It just makes you feel happier

                        {{Hugs}} x
                        Mandy x