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Are Phoenix Trading considered handmade?

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  • Are Phoenix Trading considered handmade?

    I would of liked to have done a craft fair at our local school but they said that they already have handmade greeting cards by phoenix trading.

    I did not say anything to the pta member but I don't consider them as having a title of handmade or am I wrong.


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    I'm not 100% sure what the company is all about but from what I understand they have artists who submit pictures to go on their cards and the cards are then mass produced. I don't think each card is individually handpainted by the artist themselves.

    So I suppose it depends on each individual's belief is of what handcrafted is.


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      According to here web site 'As an independent card publishing house, we are able to bring you an exclusive range of 797 original greeting cards and related products at sane prices.' Artists can submit there work for selection which are then printed n to cards, party invites etc.

      They in my opinion are better than most high street co's. They are more of a party plan type of co, who are 'traders'.

      I really like the cards and keep a stash of them at home as they can meet every occasion. but having said that I'd say to the PTA that your offering hand made cards and not mass produced.

      They do seem to be very Play Group, Primary School popular as they are seen to be an easy way to earn money when you have small children.

      Hope this helps


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        Personally, I don't consider Phoenix Trading to be the same as 'Handmade' as they are mass-produced and you will see exactly the same products on any stall, no matter who is selling them. This is also backed up by the fact that only one 'Trader' is allowed to attend any show at any time - otherwise each stall would look identical.

        I used to make and sell my own cards and it did irk me when I was told that there was already handmade cards offered by Phoenix Trading.

        It does seem to be a grey area in the eyes of many organisers so I would politely explain that your cards are totally handmade by you and are 'one off' pieces, rather than mass-produced.

        Good luck with your fairs.

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          Whilst their cards are good, no I would not consider them handmade, the quantities they can produce make the product definately not handmade in my book. Plus they are everywhere so also can hardly be unique, the designs may not be on the high street but there are loads of party planners selling them.


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            Erm...."Artists can submit their work for selection which are then printed on to cards, party invites etc."
            My son is an artist. He is an illustrator. He earns part of his money doing pictures for card companies. His pictures are hand painted, given to the company, and they print them as cards.
            I don't see a difference with Phoenix Trading. He's commercial not hand made.


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              All cards are designed by someone, be it an artist, a graphic illustrator or designer... but they are then commercially mass produced by a machine. Not handmade but a crafts person.

              It's the marketing ploy of PT who presume that their market know nothing about it!
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                I have been up against Phoenix Trading at many fairs now and I always lose out to them. I agree their cards are nice and also cheap... and when the public has a choice, especially in the current climate, cheap will always be a priority. I have recently enquiredabout a stall at a fair in November to be told that there isn't a handmade card stall but Phoenix will be there... I have said that as long as they're on the opposite side of the room this is fine... I know however that I will spend all day cursing them. It's not their fault, they are trying to make a living like the rest of us but if organisers have advertised a "Craft Fair" then they shouldn't have a place there.

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                  Havent read the other threads but I can say emphatically NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO they are not handmade, their sellers are pushing at the least and nasty at the worst. They are putting real handcraft cards out of business and craft fairs (well not mine as I WILL NOT have them!!!!) Not saying any more........ but NO!!!!
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                    Out of the three fairs I have booked from end November to Christmas, I have discovered that Pheonix Cards also have a stand. At one it is me an' them in the card department. When I saw this and checked out their website, my enthusiasm did drop a bit. However, I am intent on enjoying myself and hopefully establishing a reputation of 'unusual' cards and meeting fellow crafters.
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                      We have had this discussion many times and the outcome has always been the same. Majority of us agree they are not handmade or hand finished even.
                      That does not mean that they are not quality cards for a mass produced product, just not crafted from start to finish.
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                        We have a phoenix seller at our farmers market, all the other stalls have home reared produce - direct from the farm - or handmade crafts.
                        She has been there from the start, over 2 years now and she is a lovely lady so we won't chuck her out but if the crafters had a say at the start we would not have accepted her.
                        At least it isn't Virgin Vie or Pampered Chef.



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                          Phoenix cards are about as hand made as Usborne Books!!! We won't have either at our fairs, and always enquire of an organiser if they accept them - if they do, we won't exhibit at the fair, because it is MISREPRESENTATION of the term 'craft fair'.


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                            I agree with all these posts.Last summer I did a fair, and the lady selling
                            these cards keeped coming in to the tent I was in ,saying busines was slow,and how was i doing.I realy reckon I did better than her,because
                            she wanted to move nearer to me for the next day,well she could not move,and all the next day she keeped coming over and saying no one was buying. Well I did ok,so a lot of people do know the difference.



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                              NO , deff not ... HANDMADE cards are what it states HAND MADE.
                              Like the card shops say HAND CRAFTED .. ie some one sits on a belt , and sticks bits to a printed card ... unless they fold , stamp / paper / embellish / etc etc it is not handmade!
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