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  • Photos for my cards

    Can anyone suggest where i can get free copyright free images but photos mostly, i've tried a couple of sites but can't find the right photos i know i could take my own but i'm not that good at photography.

    i want to use them for my cards but don't want to worry about copyright.

    any ideass?



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    Gosh this a hard one. Have you tried googling copy right free photo images, there should be loads to choose from.
    Regards Sue


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      This is a tough one indeed! Think of it this way, every photo was taken by somebody who then by right, owns the copyright, so technically there is no such thing as completely copyright free photo!

      Some people are generous enought to let people use them for free but even then it's mostly for personal use only. I think the thought is that if you are going to make money from the photos then why shouldnt the photographer?

      As Susan61 said, try google but to find decent ones suitable enough for using you may have to pay. How about looking for some CD's on ebay?



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        Now you have come up with one of the hardest things to ever find. basically they dont exist if your using free ones from royalty free sites then you could be breaking the law.

        Copyright free cards are only free if you dont sell your cards, if you do sell your cards then they are not copyright free. There are lots of reasons why but basically as soon as a commercial value is added some one will want payment.

        This is one reason i set up a seperate company from my photography selling pyramage sheets with my pictures on them and also downloads of pictures to be used on cards.


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          I agree with every thing that the others have said.

          The best thing you can do if you want photo's on your cards is to take them your self.

          If you have a digi camara, what have you got to loose. When I go out with mine I take loads of the same shot, that way you are bound to get something you would like to use. I just delete any I dont like at the end of the day.

          Go out to your nearest beauty spot and take loads of pics try driffarent angls of the same subject. You may even suprise your self. Give it a go.

          The more you take the better you will become.

          Good luck
          Regards Sue


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            your thread gave me an idea, im going to set up a part on my site so crafters can buy pics for £1 purely to make cards with and to resell on cards


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              Thank you all for you replies.

              i think i might have to get my camera out and start clicking.

              thanks again.



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                You can buy pictures from istock quite cheaply but your best bet is to take the pictures yourself.
                Have a look at flickr for inspiration and advice on how to take great photos!
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