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Have I picked a good name?

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  • Have I picked a good name?

    Have finally decided on a name other than my own for my cards and glass pendants now that I have done a couple of parties and they are going well. Have come up with Safimel Cards and Pendants. Thought it sounded a bit more exotic than Mels Cards. Its made up from my sons names and my own Sam, Finley and Melanie. Husband confirmed he was not bothered that I could not get his name in there too!
    What does everyone think? Interested in your opinions
    I checked on the net and searches did not seem to reveal anyone else using this name.
    Hope its OK as have been on Vistaprint and ordered a ton of cards, postcards and even a tshirt!

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    If you like it and the searches came up with nothing Its perfect it says what you do and its personal to you.

    Bet you cant wait for your goodies to come from Vista.


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      Nope I am highly excited about getting my cards particularly and seeing it in black and white (and red actually!)
      Thanks for your comments Cheryl.


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        I think its a lovely name, different

        Unlike what i put on the back of my cards... Mandys Greetings then above is a picture of an elephant sat down with a bow tied on its trunk - ded original me

        But i don't sell my cards, just do em for friends and family
        Mandy x


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          Very original and I love how you came up with the name.

          When my mum and I used to breed dogs, our Kennel Club Affix was "Tinaura" taken from mum's name (Christine) and my own (Laura) so I can totally understand why you have gone for this.

          A very unique and personal name for your very beautiful products


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            thank you mandy66 and I love the idea of the elephant! Thank you fluffy squirrel for your kind comments also. I just could not think of anything and was mucking about with names like you do as a kid. Although come to think of it when i was doing that at school it was boys surnames after my own name to see which looked best ha ha! All the boys I used to like had horrible surnames though!!!!


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              Love the name. I used to do the boys surname thing too!!! xxxx

              'If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain sometimes'



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                I think it is a great name!

                Way more imaginative than mine which was just my initials and the word beads after it
       - unique art beads & more
       - beads, polymer clay, glitters and inks oh my
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                  thanks for the kind comments! pleased to hear was not the only one with the boys surnames too!


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                    I love the name too, and as no-one else is using it, you have so much more choice of domain names etc.

                    Make sure you show us a pic of your vista print goodies when they arrive!


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                      I Have a teddy that I have named Rackieleymin (rac - rachel - me/ kie - kieran son/ ley - hayley daughter/ min - minstrel rabbit!!

                      Great to use names of those you love!!