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  • New to stamping

    When i look at all the card making magazines they always have a lot of examples of stamped cards.

    This is an area of card making i have never ventured into and thought it might be useful to seek out some advice:

    - What make of stamps would you recommend?
    - What type of ink is most effective?
    - Is it easier to use chalks?
    - What about embossing powders? are they easy to use?
    - What would you recommend i try first?

    Lots of questions i know.... apologies - just having a burst of enthusiasm and am raring to go!
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    I love unmounted stamps as they usually have alot more detail tho they should be mounted on blocks to get the best result, but then that bulks up the money spent.
    If you like a certain style of picture you could get a stamp sheet try beech cottage craft and the stamp man.They are around £20 a sheet but it works out cheaper than buying them individually.
    I love Stazon ink, it is a bit more expensive than most inks but comes in lots of colours and stays on glass.
    Embossing is great, you can get a kit with ink and powder for £20 in Argos, whereas if you just buy the heat gun on its own in a shop it can be £25-£30 alone.

    The card/paper you use can effect the outcome.I cant help with that as I dont really ink onto cards but I have found in the past that ink can 'bleed' on the paper ie the picture spreads, and some embossed areas can chip off.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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      I agree with Seahorse about unmounted stamps - if you get one big acrylic block it'll do you for everything and you can combine a selection of unmounted stamps to create your own design.
      As a general rule try a quick drying 'dye ink' for good colour and a slow drying pigment ink for use with embossing powders. You can also get a clear embossing ink pad if you want to be sure to just get the colour of the embossing powder, although if you give it a good coat it will cover whatever base colour you used anyway.
      It is worth getting a heat tool - look around for a good price, the best I've seen is £14.99, but £19.99 is about average.
      Have fun!
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        Try looking for classes or demonstrations in your area. Stamping is such a vast craft that you can soon get overwhelmed. c-ds stamps are a good start and resonable price. it can soon get expensive.
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          Be aware that if you want to sell your cards with the stamped image on them only some companies will allow you to do this. There is a list somewhere called the Angel list or something like that that gives you a list of all the manufacturers and whether they allow you to use their images on cards to sell. I got caught out on this with my wedding stationery! Here is the link - I'm sure there is a better list elsewhere but I'm sure someone will be along to help who might know it!

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            Thank You

            Thanks everyone for all your replies. They are all very helpful!
            Gonna start surfing the web and see about picking up a few of the basics.
            for all your cardmaking supplies!


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              Hi CleoCrafts

              I was like yourself, I had never used stamps before. I started to use them to make my brother's wedding invitations. They are very simple to use, especially for beginners. I used the ink it up stuff - I used an ink pad to stamp the design on to card, then used embossing powder and a heat gun to give a raised look to the stamp - they worked out perfectly.

              You can pick up the ink it up stuff on ebay relatively cheaply.

              Leanne x