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  • How to package cards

    I am a photographer and make A5 photographic cards. I am setting up my website at the moment.
    I am struggling to decide on a pricing structure for P+P as I don't know what packaging is best to use for my cards.
    Does anyone out there sell cards regularly from their website? What are the trends as far as how many cards people tend to buy at a time. What sort of packaging do you use?
    Any help or pointers would be hugely appreciated!

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    I sell cards, mostly individually, but sometimes people do buy more.

    I sent my mom a package of cards in a big jiffy bag, so that would cost more but I usually find 1 A6 card in a jiffy bag is the same as a small package - about 60p. The best thing to do is, on a quiet day in the Post Office, ask them to weigh a couple of things for you and get a rough idea in your mind of what the P&P would cost.

    If you're missing out on a few pence because of a miscalculation it's not really an issue, but having to shell out loads on extra postage would be a pain in the bum!!

    good luck! x
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      I also send my cards in jiffy bags with an extra piece of card to stop the bag bending too much. To check postage I think you can go onto the Royal Mail website and put in the weight and dimensions and what postage you want to use and it'll will calculate the price for you, I think you can also pay for and print the labels. I haven't used this service for a while but I'm sure they still offer this.

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        Yes the royal mail website still offers that service, I find it really useful instead of having to wait in the post office queues, it save valuable time


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          Thanks all!

          Thanks for your advice everyone, I really appreciate it :–)