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Writing on front of cards?

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  • Writing on front of cards?

    I've noticed that a lot of the cards you all make have the front writing - ie- Happy Birthday, in silver and it looks like its hand written, but like its raised, not flat like a pen would write, can i ask how you do it ?

    Mandy x

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    Peel off stickers you can find them in craft stores like hobby craft (although these are dearer) or you can rubber stamp them but then you are stuck with the one font (same goes for the peel offs).

    If you get the gold or silver you can colour over them with permanent marker to match your cards - sharpies work well.

    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks Anita, i thought they were all hand written and here's me thinking my handwriting is terrible i'll never be able to master it LOL
      Mandy x


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        Some of the wording on cards are computer generated so if you have a style that you use frequently it's very handy to just pop the card into the printer and you won't blur or smudge it like it's possible to do with stamping.

        It takes a while to get the wording exactly in the perfect position on the card (bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy with some of them as they're mirror imaged) but once it's done once, it's saved and there for ever


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          Going on from the computer idea, before now I've printed off a4 card with different fonts, colours and sizes so you have the messages ready to cut out and mount or layer and then stick on the card. You can use word art and have arched lettering or wavy lettering etc...too. And you can pick from loads of colours too
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            All of the above are great advice would also suggest it could also be heat embossed. So you take a stamped image add embossing powder, heat it up with heat gun, that also gives a raised image. hope this helps