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    Hi I have got an original sizzix machine and have never had any trouble using any dies with it. Recently I bought (from ebay) some new sizzlit dies (which are the same thickness as the small red sixzzlits but are a bit longer) but i am having difficulty in getting the machine to cut the whole image out. I am only using thin card but the part in the middle never cuts properly. I've tried different positions on my cutting board and i have tried putting an extre layer of cardboard on top of the dies to add extra pressure but nothing seems to work!!
    Has anyone had the same problem and can anyone offer a solution please!!
    Of course the other alternative is to sell my sizzix machine and invest in a new machine - i quite fancy the new cuttlebug machine.
    Has anyone tried it?
    All comments welcome!!

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    re. die cut and cuttlebug machines

    My sister and I are looking to invest in a die cut machine for our card making classes. We are not sure which one would be the best ... there are so many to choose from!
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      Which machines have copy right infringments atached to them and which can you use to make your own designs?
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        I've just bought a craft robo but you would need a laptop to plug it into aswell. Haven't tried it yet but i'll tell you all about it when i've tried it out.
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          I have a Big Shot and am extremely pleased with it. It cuts using most dies and I've found that cuttlebug alphabets cut extremely well in it if you use them sideways across the pad not lengthways (lengthways they curl from the pressure) . This suggests to me that possibly the Big Shot exerts more pressure than the cuttlebug and so the BS (or new Big sizzix one) may be more productive & versatile in the long run for you. I have also used all sizzix dies and Boss Kutz with a sizzix adapter in the Big shot. Obviously none of the dies you currently own would be wasted if you bought these!
          I recently got a Xyron Personal Cutter for my birthday. This is great in addition to the Big Shot as my daughter can use it easily and it is a lot quicker and easier for cutting letters, words phrases etc. However, if I were only buying one machine I would opt for the versatility of the BS or new Big Sizzix. The new texturising plates are brilliant and add so much to matting and layering papers.
          Hope this helps in your decision! any more questions please ask!


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            PS I just noticed your username- unless I am mistaken I have just bought a xyron sticker maker off of you- lovely shop and super lovely service !


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              Hi Nyse,

              Do you mean you bought one of my sticker makers? Nice to meet a customer on the forum!! One of my suppliers is keen to flog me a cuttlebug and cricut - am supposed to be meeting him this week but in between working in my 'proper' job part time and taking my 18 month old to her Jo Jingles and mums and babys club on my days off, have no idea when to fit it in..... wouldn't it be great to give up work and concentrate on the crafts full time!! Roll on that day!!

              Louise x
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                I agree, juggling work, three kids, making cards and the website is not easy. Working from home would be great, due to family commitments and problems at the moment, my stress levels would halve if i didn't have my day job.

                Must be a time for stocking die cutters as i'm also getting the cricut and wizard. Lets hope they sell well. The craft robo's i have aren't selling so i might stick these on ebay to release some funds.
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                  If i were you i would buy a new machine, havent tried the cuttlebug, but the wizard is really good for cutting and embossing and the cricut is the most used tool in my shop.

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                    I have a Sizzix machine and have been using it almost constantly (when time allows!) for 18 months and I have found it to be great! I know what you mean about the bit in the middle with a thinner die - I have some of the green Ellison ones and the fairy die never cuts clean in the middle. Usually when I've had this problem in the past, I've cut through a few sheets of tin foil which sharpens the blade and its cured the problem.

                    I think that its probably a bad die - I think my fairy one is the same! Which is a shame cos its a beautiful little fairy especially with vellum wings!

                    Out of around 30 red Sizzix and green Ellison thin dies that I have, there is just one bad un!

                    I use Sizzix, Ellison, Cuttlebug, Double Do and Quickutz dies (quite an extensive range hehehe!!) and find them all really versitile.

                    I'd be sad to see my Sizzix machine go when the time comes as I don't think the new one (its sort of a turquoise colour? ) looks as robust.

                    Ah well! I know what you mean about enough time - I work a very full time demanding job covering a large geographical area and have 2 boys under 4 and a husband. But making toppers, embellishments, die cuts and cards keeps me sane as I can let my mind wander and the fingers do the creating!! My friends marvel at my ability to juggle job, home life, kids and the crafting - little do they know that I don't do housework hehehehe!! Unless I have to - what is dusty today will still be dusty tommorow, and with two boys the house looks like its been burgled anyway!


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                      I don't have a die-cutter, but have recently subscribed to a papercraft mag which offers a Sidekick as a gift when you subscribe. I can't wait.

                      My local craft shop has a Big Shot which it 'hires out' for use. Technically it's £1.50 for half an hour, but if there's no one else there you can carry on as long as you like!

                      I've used it and found it fine, nice clean cuts - the shop only has a limited quantity of dies though, and a lot of them are baby themed. I don't do baby cards, but my daughter does, so I usually cut some for her while I'm there.

                      I know what you mean about juggling home, job and crafting. My daughters are grown and have their own homes now, but still rely on us very heavily - one or the other, or both, come every day.

                      I still have a lot of the childcare of our grandson, who's 11, but it's not like looking after a baby or toddler: he's far less demanding. He usually goes out on his bike after school with his mates, armed with a mobile phone and a watch!
                      It sounds as if you have a duff die - can you get it exchanged or get a refund? Depends on the terms under which you bought it, I suppose.


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                        I have the sizzix but no longer any dies really, I use it for embossing with the Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders, it works brilliantly, it's silly wasting money on another cutter. The way to make the sizzix cut a bit better is to put a thicker shim of paper or card under the cutting mat, this raises it up a bit and makes the cut better. Hope this helps!