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    If you have read my other threads you will know that my hobby is sculpting.
    I was just wondering what the market was like for fimo/sculpey card toppers, and what is desirable at the moment.
    I have had a dabble with animals and they are quite fun to do so I wouldn't mind selling them in bulk.
    Any opinions would be great
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    Do you have any pics of ones you have amde i think they would do well i use them a lot but always buy mine off ebay

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      Fimo toppers

      I always think toppers are quite popular but why not try making some of your animals into fridge magnets, funky earrings as well to expand your range.


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        I love fimo toppers, I've purchased quite a few off ebay before, there are some very talented ladies on there, check them out and see what style they have, they tend to sell at £3 onwards each for people figures etc
        hope that helps
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          Fimo Plaques

          I have just started stocking some resin/fimo type plaques with little sayings on. On my website and they are selling well. If you made them as keyrings or fridge magnets people could still put them on a card and the recipient can remove them and keep them in view to remember their card. If you like I would be happy to list a couple on website to see if they get any interest. Give me a ring after 4pm if you would like to discuss this.
          Good Luck
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            I think it would be best if you remove your phone number and send it in a private message instead. After all everyone using the web can see it and you don't know what kind a calls you'll end up having.

            Best to be on the safe side.
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