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  • New to card making and new to this site

    Hello everyone

    I am new to card making, have done 2 workshops to get me going and I am loving it.

    I have been searching the internet for ideas and am really amazed with the effects you can do with a cuttlebug. Do you think they are aimed at a more experienced card maker and that i should get a bit more practice in first?

    There are so many different things out there, i just want to have a go at it all!!!

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    to the forum!!!
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      Hi tink and welcome to the forum.

      You'll find quite a few of us card makers on here and if you need any help or advice there's usually someone around who can help

      The die cutting machines are for beginniners as well as more experienced crafters but I would say that when I was scouring the internet looking for advice to help me decide between the 2 main ones (the Cuttlebug & the Big Shot) I favoured the Big Shot as it can take all the dies & embossing folders that the Cuttlebug can but the Cuttlebug can't take the bigger dies that the Big Shot can.

      I've yet to hear of anyone who regrets buying their Big Shot

      You'll quickly find it's adictive.

      Have fun


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        nice to see you here. Can't make cards but admire those that do.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Hi and welcome

          If you want to start out die cutting you could consider going for a Sidekick or the Quickutz, they are around the £20-£30 mark for the machine and use the smaller dies, so not such a large initial outlay.

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            Hi Tink, I've been making cards for ages and love it. I've got the original Sizzix machine, the Big Shot and the Cuttlebug and have to say I use the Cuttlebug more than the other two, it sort of suckers onto my work surface so doesn't move very much, and it takes up less space.
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              Hi and welcome to the forum

              I started off with the Big Shot but then bought the Sizzix Sidekick as I thought it would be more convenient as it's smaller, etc but I ended up selling my Sidekick and sticking with my Big Shot.

              I love my Big Shot cos it's so easy to use and it's compatible with all of the major brands of embossing folders and cutting dies so it's very versatile, plus it can cut through thicker card, etc than the smaller machine could.

              Personally, I would recommend the Big Shot to anyone, but then if you're not sure how much you'll use it then you could always browse Ebay, etc and buy some precut diecut shapes to see how you get on working with those and then decide whether the machine would be a wise investment and then it also lets you see which cutting dies you would benefit from the most.

              When it comes to buying your machine (if you decide to go ahead), then I would definitely shop around as you can quite often find some good bargains and keep an eye on the Sizzix website as they often have quite good sales on

              Here is the Sizzix site:

              I've just heard that they have brought out a new electric Big Shot but to be honest I wouldn't bother with it, I'll stick with the manual version as it's so easy and quick to use anyway... in my personal opinion, adding electrics is just something else to go wrong lol.

              Here are a few links to shops selling the Big Shot and you'll see the price differences.

              Crafty Devils - I have used this company many times and have always received excellent customer service:

              Cute 'n' Crafty - never had any dealings with this company:

              Hobbycraft - Spend a fortune in their stores and lots of feedback on the forum about them as a company but have never ordered from their website:

              It's also worthwhile watching out on Ebay for second hand machines as you can sometimes grab a bargain on there.

              With regards to the different colours, as far as I'm aware the colour of the machine is the only difference, as afr as I know there is no difference in functionality though someone may come along to correct me. I have the old blue and black Big Shot and I love it

              Hope this helps.

              Laura xxx


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                Hi & to the forum from a fellow card maker.

                I think you would be fine with a cuttle bug, for all levels of card maker. My mother-in-law started making cards about 12 months ago & few months in she bought a cuttle bug & never looked back she loves it.

                Also practice makes perfect, so you can experient with it.



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                  to the forum from another card maker!!

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                    to the forum.

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                      Welcome from me too what ever you choose to do I hope you will be happy
                      Tina xx
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