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An Embossed Rose Card for my Mum

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  • An Embossed Rose Card for my Mum

    Hi every one,
    Isn't the weather lovely the sun is shinning and it is Hot Hot Hot.

    I have just posted two very different cards on my blog. One is an embossed rose card for my mum's birthday.
    The other is a leaving card with a big tea pot on it.

    Hope you like them, I had a lot of fun with these. but then I have fun with all the cards I make.
    Regards Sue

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    really lovely, i'm sure your'e mum will be over the moon with it....loving the teapot one , clever idea
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      love the teapot - cool idea


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        Just been catching up with your blog and it looks great!!

        I love the effect and the finished card you have made your mum... it looks really fab and I'm sure she will love it.

        The teapot leaving card is a great idea... I've never seen anything like it before, I'm sure it will be really appreciated. I love the way the teapot lid opens to reveal the message too!!

        I had a look further down your blog too and I absolutely love the scrapbook you are putting together for your mum. I am sorry to hear of her deteriorating health and I'm sure that it must have been a difficult decision to make to have her move into a nursing home (we went through similar with my grandmother - stroke, dementia, etc) but I am sure that your mum will appreciate all that you are doing for her and by creating this memory book for her shows that you really care and want her to remember all of those special times, it's also something you can add to in the future. I'm sure your mum will love it!!

        Well done on all counts... and your craft room in the background looks fab!!!


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          hiya susan
          2 lovely cards i love the way you have done them


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            oh I like them!!!


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              Its very elegant - really lovely!!



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                ooh I love them! I think the rose one is special and the teapot one is really different.

                Well done!
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                  Lovely cards, the rose is beautifully done
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                    Beautifully made, both of them, I love the rose and the teapot is a great idea, I have never seen that done before! well done


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                      Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

                      Fluffy Squirrel, you brought a lump to my throte, thank you for your reply and the lovely comments on my blog.

                      My mum is doing well at the moment and is happy in the place she is in for now. Mum is in a hospital being assesed to find out which type of home will be best for her.
                      The actual dessision of her going into a nursing home, was taken out of our hands when mum was admitted to hospital this time. Unfortunatly she can no longer look after her self, although she still believes that she can.

                      It is mums birthday on the 8th of this month I hope I can get the scrapbook ready in time.
                      Regards Sue


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                        wow...I love those - especially the rose one. What a great idea with the chalks, I must try that myself ... well done you!!!

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                          beautiful - as always!